Homen06's VIP Auction

im buying permanent vip through igm, but its like a backwards auction for the lowest offer
the lowest offer will be accepted 5 days after the first bid is posted
starts from 999k, 1k minimum bid (reduces spam), no buyout
this is so i can save a bit, but mainly so buyers have ample time to see this post
please reply to this post with your offer Homen06's VIP Auction
win win


The commonly accepted IGM to USD exchange rate is $100,000 IGM to $1 USD. Therefore, $9.99 USD, the current price of permanent VIP, is $999,000 IGM based on this standard.
In the event a lower offer is made after 5 days after the initial offer, it will not be accepted to ensure trade fairness and integrity. Timezones and schedules are beyond control.
Buyers will use the forum post to bid. Homen06's VIP Auction
The buyer will recieve their offer of IGM and 1 Homendirt:tm:, for incentive purpouses, upon purchasing permanent VIP under the name “Homen06”.
Proof of IGM payment can be done through screenshots, or paid in person. Homendirt:tm: can be delievered in person, or through mailbox systems.
The recieved Homendirt:tm: is not to be resold. The authenticity and therefore history of any Homendirt:tm: not sold from Homen06 is to be questioned.

My dumb brain can’t fully understand how this work but I’ll sell VIP for 999k ingame

oo auctioon has started

I’d do it for 950k

hmmm i wonder. 924k would fit ig.

do i even want to know where you got the 24k from on the end?


Words words words

Nahh random numbers


(character limit)

war already won :jerry:

oh well then why didn’t you say so ._.

i did in #trade .-.
i think