Hi there i guess i banned

In-game name: emjanke
Discord ID: emjanke#1936
Ban Reason: hacked client
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: i just want to be friend with people
Apology: Sorry for my appearance and i didn’t damage the economy or i didn’t leave any permanent damage i want to be friend with hotlava dude he s so good about what he does o7

Hello there again, emjanke

You’re one of the very few mass evaders of ours who has managed to appeal. I should congratulate you for that. And for also finding a way to trick our system and evade for so long. It’s too bad we’re too good to let this go and I have banned you before you even managed to complete the test.

Well, I said it was 15 accounts, but it’s a little less, it’s 11. Here they are:

  • emjanke
  • emjanfsurm0m
  • ilikekids
  • am0rtie
  • _rexion_
  • dogukanadal
  • luserr
  • pvponkonjaban
  • pelmenqq
  • nugget14

No, I’m not telling you my methods.
No, I’m not having any further conversations with you in Discord (guess you really asked for that block, didn’t you)
No, you are not forgiven yet.

Let’s get back to your main reason on why you got banned.
You got banned for hacking. This is one of the biggest offenses in Mythic, even if you cause no damage, it’s a big advantage over other players. No client whatsoever is allowed here. And you’re lucky we even consider appeals from hackers, as many servers don’t.

Not to mention, I didn’t instantly deny your appeal for mass evading, so you already have an incredibly big chance here, so if I were you and really wanted to be here, I’d value it and use it the best way I could.

Now make a proper apology, because this won’t be an easy appeal for you. Tell me every single rule you broke, both appeal rules and game rules. A wrong answer might just instantly make me deny your appeal and we can continue having fun with your evading, so if you want to be considered back, I’d do some homework first.

Take your time.