Hello New Fourm

Hii guys! Name’s Evelyn
I found this forum around the internet and decided to check it out.
Here is some cool stuff about me :smiley:
My favorite songs/bands are
Santeria - Sublime
What I Got - Sublime
Burnout - Green Day
Rape Me - Nirvana (Anti-Rape song)
My favorite bands are Sublime, Nirvana, and Green Day.


Hi Evelyn! It’s nice to see you here.

You can call me Lava. I’m personally also a fan of Green Day and Nirvana, though I tend to stick to metalcore bands mainly.

Not sure if you’re aware or not, but we’re a Minecraft server (IP is play.mythicmc.org) and most of our community hangs out there. You can also check out our discord (discord.mythicmc.org) for even more people to hang out with.

Welcome to this small community!

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