Getting mute and unfair advantage by MOD Electrickery for

My ingame name is also progoplayss. i am casually talking to my friend in global chat and the mod Electrickery muted me for no reasons. i am not repeating the same things too and he muted me for no solid reasons. i am 14 year kid although. i can easily get emotionally and he was still bullying me. so i cried and sweared at him i am sorry for that but he is still being toxic and taking unfair advantages of rank Moderator i think he is not good for that rank he dont even help ppls when we use /ch h. i get jailed at last and quitted the server but i dont want that thing with others too so please remove him and i quitted you can see the chat of 9january 8:07pm in in-game chat and thats all i hope 32294 you are reading this. bye have a good day…

Yes, i read everything on the forums, so ofc I was going to read this at some point.

You were warned/muted for spam, which I have screenshots of. Also ibu muted you on discord not elect… This morning i found that you killed someone’s pets too, so now you get to enjoy a lovely 2 day temp ban in addition to your mute. I’d advise you go re-read the server rules:

Just because a staff doesn’t always reply to something right away in /ch h does not mean they’re bad, they could be busy. Also, please remember staff are players too and we do our own stuff on the server beyond staff stuff.

From what i have seen everything here is fine, but i’m not even going to look at that timestamp because you didn’t even give a timezone.

If you do think a staff is abusing their power, this is not the right spot to say it and generally i should not be the one to deal with it. You should be taking care if it privately at least a staff, which could be me, but preferably ibu. Not public like this, it’s the worst place.

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