Factions Spawn Treasure Hunt

Here’s an easy treasure hunt in Factions world spawn. I just hid a Milk of Youth and a Diamond Trap in two droppers somewhere within the spawn. They are in separate locations, and both of them are in droppers with a stone button on the dropper. Just press the button and the dropper should give you the trinket.

Updating list of trinkets and what they do:

  • The Milk of Youth is a milk bucket trinket that will turn any creature that has a baby form into a baby. This includes hostile mobs as well. Do note that the creature will eventually grow back into an adult.
  • The Diamond Trap is a diamond trinket that works like the animal traps, except it’s able to trap any creature you can find in Factions world. In particular, it cannot trap withers or ender dragons, but you’re not going to find them anyway.
  • The Amethyst Trap can trap any “monster”, that is, unnatural creature that isn’t supposed to be intelligent. You can trap skeletons, but not pillagers or endermen.
  • The Emerald Trap is similar to the animal trap you can purchase, allowing you to trap any animal. But unlike the animal traps, you can actually trap any animal, even hostile ones like spiders and silverfish.
  • The Mystery Cake is one of the more fun trinkets, in that it can kill you. I won’t spoil how though, but you probably can guess.
  • The Reignitable Rocket is a firework that can be used to boost your elytra several times. Make sure you don’t launch it as a regular firework though.

I figured I would hide both the milk and the trap in case you want to keep the mob as a baby for later, when I’ll add a trinket that stops babies from growing up (assuming it’s possible). Good luck hunting!

Update: The milk has been found, but the trap is still there to this day.

Update 2: Given the Diamond Trap hasn’t been found yet, I decided to hide some more trinkets in spawn. Currently, there are 9 trinkets for you to find: 2 Emerald Traps, 2 Amethyst Traps, 2 Diamond Traps, a Mystery Cake, a Reignitable Rocket and another Milk of Youth. I added what the new trinkets do above.
And just to be clear, each trinket is alone in its dropper. If you press the button and nothing happens, it means that someone already found the trinket that was there.

Update 3: Only the milk is left to be found. All the other trinkets have been discovered.

Final update: The last trinket has been found, no more to be added.


i wonder baby form of wandering trader, lol

Honestly disappointing. The model is the same, but you can’t trade and the voice is also like that of other baby villagers. Also, the game always sets it to be an adult when spawned (like from a trap).

Just found the Milk of Youth…

that is nice :smiley:

Several more trinkets hidden in spawn. Check the main post for info.

How do you buy it?

The emerald has been found too :confused:

Last milk was found, which means that this treasure hunt is over.