Faction's spawn river add stair to sit and fish

Description: add some stairs/chairs at the faction’s spawn river (there’s a ss of the river)

Why: I want a place to sit and fish while I fish there and also it be alot nicer on my eyes since seeing plane dirt for hours hurt my soul

How: can a builder staff add some chairs and tables there? Make it look nice to sit and fish.


  • First point. Fun place to chill and hang with others.
  • Second point. It’s cute to just sit down and fish… Okay this is more of a personal request but pleaseeee can the river have more fun stuff like a small camp site there where we fish. I wanna role play with it



I support this suggestion owo

I supoort this too, this is the safest place to fish :slight_smile:

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a dock was created at some point, not sure by who or how long ago.