Event Pixel Art Contest

Welcome to the first ever pixel art contest!


The event will take place in creative world in your own plot. Anyone can take part in the event at any time but event will end on 16 Oct.

The player’s canvas size is 50x50 blocks laying down with nothing blocking it from the sky.

DM MaryMiracle#3184 when you are done working on your art with your username and the plot’s owner’s username you made it in. (Would love to have a screen shot of the art with you in it. o3o)

How to win:

There will be 2 winners.

Everyone can vote for their favourite art, the art with the most votes win 1st place and the second runner is 2nd place. 1st place gets to pick which map art they want first and 2nd just get the other one.

If both is even vote than rip. We host another event (jk I’ll be the judge or we revote)

Event Start 30 Sep, End 16 Oct


Don’t copy from da internet

Keep it kid friendly


The two beloved Mythics’s cats map art in faction world. Note the reward will have the winner’s username on the map art.

If you want to buy the art. You can for 35k each at /warp anime and it won’t have the player’s username on it after the event finish.

I still hope you join in the event o3o <3


Sounds like an interesting event :3

Sadly because of college I don’t really have a proper amount of time to participate but i def be looking at the results :o

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its stonks time :3

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