Electrickery please unban me

In-game name: pope
Discord ID:
Ban Reason: trash talking
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: i love mythic its he best sever ive ever used.
apology: i am sorry fr trsh talking i just wanted to have fun but i will nver do it again

Really surprising to see a player like you appeal like this and in correct format(almost) considering what you did to get banned.

Anyway, since you’re here and seem like you learnt your lesson we can move on with the appeal.

First of all, read all of these very carefully before even thinking about the server:

I’ll not waste our time for this time since your appeal being in correct format, but that means I’m also expecting the same from you. Do not try to act smart and be kind here but keep trash talking in-game, because I won’t be polite and formal to you like this time if I ever see you again here.