Economy system and pool minning ⛏

Description: Economy system like OSRS (old school rune scape) and other stuff

Why: I think i would make it a little more interesting to play having a grand exchange* or some sort of “wall street”, having in mind that the server already counts with mines server it could be nice to add a next level and do some trading in-game

How: Set a price acording to the demand on the server , it would be nice if a part of that demand is adquired by the server itself helping to level the market prices and avoid some posible market manipulation, set a pool system so that when players mine they get a chance of winning a small porcentage of what that pool is whort. yes this looks like how the blockchain works xd†.

- more player engagement and playtime(?
- easier to build using the tools that minecraft already supplies(?

- market manipulation
- possible inflation
- irl trading

*Grand Exchange - OSRS Wiki
Mining pool - Wikipedia

im open for suggestions/comments :smiley:

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