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Eazbi’s Forum Banners and Cards Gallery

Hello there, Welcome!

This is my multimedia gallery, where you can order your own banner, user card and user profile picture.
I have been doing this since TE Era, I’m not good at it, and still learning how to do it properly so don’t expect it to be at the professional level.

NOTE: Because everything is personalized based on the order itself, there will be no fixed price per design.

DISCLAIMER: Please don’t ask me about the order, when it done I will post it in here and I will tag you or I will PM you directly.

If you want to order please follow this format:

Discord :
Order : Forum Banner / User Card / Profile Picture
Details :
Font :
Colour Palette :
Additional Assets :

An Example

Name : YourName
Discord : YourDiscord#0000
Order : Forum Banner
Details : Please make me a design with Mythic Logo on it, and also use the background that I send
Font : Minecraft and Lato
Colour Palette : Red and Blue
Additional Assets :

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