Again,why???u can unban my range ban don’t not unban me,usually I will not come and ban me if u will see. Me,why farlette and other guys will join the server like new guys can have the chances of getting ban from my range ban,so I promise I will not come

Here don’t get angry guys this is only a game

And… I have a conspiracy theory that again I am going to get ban

We have no proof you will “not come”

Once believe me I will not come

Proof if I come back then I will not come on this website

Confused I am not banned???admins forgot to ban me
And reply?? (If free then u can sir)

u can unban my range ban don’t not unban me,usually I will not come and ban me if u will see.


Right… You won’t come back again. Despite all the chances you had to straighten up after your previous tempbans, you continued to break the rules at every chance possible.

I don’t know if you understand what the word or concept of consequences is considering that your IQ is probably lower than the amount of accounts you have created, so let me briefly explain. Everyone’s actions has a result, whether it be good or bad: that is consequences. When players get online in Mythic, they all agree to a set of rules that we lay out for them. Anyone who breaks the rules will face the consequence of being warned, muted, tempbanned, or perma banned (an L if you will). Anyone who follows the rules will only bear the consequence of being able to get online and play with their friends (a W if you will). So when we have a player that decides to break one of the most important rules, no xray/hacking, twice, we have to face the fact that he/she may come back and do it again, despite the chances we have given this individual. They do not learn.

This is where you come in.

I don’t know how old you are, and frankly, I do not care, as I see and treat everyone equally despite their status. Your stupidity in this subject matter is comical given how little you understand of what is actually going on. You said you wouldn’t use hacks again. You did. You say you won’t come back online, but knowing you, you probably will make another account and try to get on again. While it is unfortunate that people like furiry and FarletteGamerz have been in the crossfire of this, it isn’t like this is the first time we have had a player experience a bad ip before.

Here don’t get angry guys this is only a game

I don’t think any of us would have gotten angry if this was just a one and done thing, but we have to deal with some stupid idiot who clearly doesn’t understand that he isn’t wanted here. How does one convey that to this person?

To close this off, let me quote myself in telling another mass evader what to do in this situtation:

Let me be clear on this. The next time you set foot on our server again, you will be gone.
You are not welcomed here anymore.
Go touch some grass and get some bitches.

There are plenty of fish in the sea, so go explore out there. You won’t find any here. And from the bottom of my heart, I think I can speak for all the staff members when I truly say this.

Fuck off.