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13/03/2021 - taroboii_#3161 (701158200770297866) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket topic: ban appeal
I rly don’t know where to start.
I’m sorry for what i did, the way i talk, and swear a lot in public chat, and posting a lot of nsfw memes ofc.
I’ve been warned lots of time,
And i tried really hard to , you know , not swear etc. but i just can’t control myself sometimes.
It’s hard not to be yourself,
so i hope you guys can give me one last chance to you know, ill try to shut my mouth as much as possible.
And i probably won’t talk a lots of nonsense stuff again.
So yeah , that’s all i want to say.

Also sorry for broken english…
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[05:23] Althia: @ rayson0kk0 let’s get started, do you know why you are banned?
[05:50] rayson0kk0: because the way i talked(edited at 05:50)
[05:51] Althia: What do you mean by the way you talk?
[05:59] rayson0kk0: swearing ?
[05:59] rayson0kk0: those stuffs
[14:06] Althia: So you think you are banned because of swearing?
[14:06] Althia: What about your spam?
[14:06] Althia: You’ve probably been asked to stop around 50 times
[14:07] rayson0kk0: yeah spam too
[14:08] Althia: And your NSFW memes and gif?
[14:11] rayson0kk0: ill take them to somewhere else
[14:11] rayson0kk0: not in mythic anymore
[14:23] Althia: You knew they were forbidden
[14:23] Althia: And yet you still sent them
[14:24] Althia: You didn’t give a damn, what would change?
[14:37] rayson0kk0: Everything will change, after this.
[14:37] rayson0kk0: i promise
[14:37] rayson0kk0: one last time
[15:05] Althia: You see I have trouble believing you
[15:05] Althia: Let’s not forget that the first thing you said after being unmuted to appeal was this
[15:05] Althia:
[15:06] Althia: And I don’t believe you’ll really change
[15:06] Althia: We’ve offered you many chances
[15:09] rayson0kk0: i have no idea i was banned
[15:09] rayson0kk0: til you told me
[15:09] Althia: Doesn’t matter
[15:10] Althia: Do you think it was normal to say that after you were banned?
[15:10] Althia: Even if you got unbanned, does it seem normal to say something like this?
[15:10] rayson0kk0: Sorry, i was too excited that time(edited at 15:10)
[15:12] Althia: There’s no way you’ll turn into a monk overnight
[15:13] Althia: Because if I remember well during one of the 50 times I asked you to stop, you stopped for a while then started again
[15:14] Althia: Also you did not answer my question
[15:18] rayson0kk0: No.
[15:18] Althia: Good to know that we agree on this
[15:21] rayson0kk0: Will not use Caps if not necessary.
[15:22] Althia: So we’ll offer you a last chance
[15:23] Althia: But before that you’re getting a 7 day temporary ban
[15:25] Althia: 2 days for your spam, 3 days for your NSFW memes and gif, and 2 days for your sassy comments
[15:25] Althia: This is the last time
[15:26] Althia: At your first spam/inappropriate image or video (includes memes and gifs)/sassy comment, you’re out. Are we clear @ rayson0kk0?
[15:27] rayson0kk0: Yes.
[15:28] Althia: Good
[15:28] Althia: Your 7 days temporary ban starts now
[15:29] rayson0kk0: alright, so can i talk ?
[15:29] rayson0kk0: in ingame chat i mean
[15:29] Althia: No
[15:29] Althia: You’re muted for 7 days as well

14 March 2021

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