Discord ticket: Min3craft_/mmalp - afk fish farm - kenace

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Ticket title: ticket ban
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[16:16] Min3craft_: Hello
[16:16] Min3craft_: I am banned on the server
[16:17] Min3craft_: I can’t remember how lonfy ago or what it was for
[16:17] Min3craft_: But I got a new mc account
[16:17] Min3craft_: And I am just looking if I am allowed to join on it
[16:36] Althia: @ Min3craft_ what is your in-game name please?
[16:40] Min3craft_: My old one is mmalp
[16:41] Min3craft_: My new one is Min3craft_
[17:30] Min3craft_: @ Althia
[18:41] Zorioux: You were banned for afk fish farm
[18:41] Zorioux: Did you make another account on our server?
[18:41] Min3craft_: not yet
[18:41] Min3craft_: i just own another acc now
[18:42] Min3craft_: @ Zorioux
[18:42] Zorioux: I see, you meant premium
[18:43] Zorioux: Ok since kenace is not around atm
[18:43] Min3craft_: yes
[18:43] Zorioux: I will handle your appeal
[18:43] Min3craft_: ok
[18:43] Zorioux: Why did you use afk fish machine?
[18:43] Zorioux: Are you aware of the rules?
[18:43] Min3craft_: i honeltly dont remember what i used it for it was months ago
[18:43] Min3craft_: and i read the rules awhile ago
[18:44] Min3craft_: they might of changed since then
[18:44] Zorioux: The rule was up since the server start
[18:44] Min3craft_: ok
[18:44] Min3craft_: ill have another read over
[18:44] Min3craft_: just incase i forgot some
[18:45] Zorioux: And it is illegal because it is unfair way to get mending while others are normally working
[18:45] Zorioux: Or other treasures
[18:45] Min3craft_: yes
[18:45] Min3craft_: i do know that
[18:45] Min3craft_: and i dont know y i did it
[18:45] Min3craft_: bc i was dumb prob
[18:46] Zorioux: Please read the rules again
[18:46] Zorioux: https://rules.mythicmc.org/
[18:46] Zorioux: And tell me if you have questions for any rule

I will gladly explain everything for you
[18:46] Min3craft_: i am doing that now
[18:47] Min3craft_: one question
[18:47] Min3craft_:

[18:47] Min3craft_: with that rule
[18:47] Min3craft_: what if it is ur friend for example
[18:47] Min3craft_: and they want u to buy it for cheap
[18:48] Min3craft_: and am i allowed to log on to the server with my new acc?
[18:48] Zorioux: This rules basically is tricking other players or new players to buy/sell items for unfair price
[18:48] Zorioux: For example buying mending book from new player for 10k
[18:49] Zorioux: Instead of 100k+
[18:49] Min3craft_: ok
[18:49] Zorioux: Once I unban you
[18:49] Min3craft_: let me know when that will be bc i wont be able to see
[18:49] Min3craft_: im on a diff acc
[18:49] Zorioux: Alright then, you will start clean
[18:49] Min3craft_: ok thanks
[18:50] Min3craft_: that mean im allowed to join
[18:50] Zorioux: Yea
[18:50] Min3craft_: ok thanks
[18:50] Zorioux: I will keep your old account banned
[18:50] Min3craft_: ok
[18:55] Zorioux: @ Min3craft_ once you register successfully
Tell me so I close this ticket
[19:19] Min3craft_: u can close it
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