Discord ticket: _Lord_ - too many accounts - CONSOLE

03/03/2021 - Skipper#7208 (706945247405408327) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: _Lord_ too many accounts consol
Channel ID: 816670882042609705

[19:34] Skipper: In-game name: Lord
Discord ID: 7208
Ban Reason: too many accounts
Plead: Im not sure
Reason for pleading: I had my friend come over today and we were both playing and it kicked us both out. It then said too many accounts. I mean If im not allowed to bring my mate then I wont anymore and I dont what to plead to. I know were supposed to stay in out own homes and it was wrong.
[19:34] Skipper: But i wont bring him over anymore
[20:36] Althia: Hello @ Skipper,
Before we can start this ban appeal, please tell me if you plead innocent or guilty.

Once you have done that, we will be able to carry on.

I have to remind you that lying will put you in more trouble!
[20:40] Skipper: I plead guilty
[20:51] Althia: alright
[20:51] Althia: then let’s get started
[20:52] Althia: Please read https://rules.mythicmc.org/ and tell me which rules you have broken
[21:25] Skipper: I have broken:
Only 1 Account per player and IP. If you need more accounts for relatives you must request for them on forums.
[21:26] Skipper: I am sorry that I have broken the rules of the server and I will not break itagain
[22:33] Althia: ok
[22:33] Althia: let’s get to your reason for pleading now
[22:34] Althia: you claim that this second account is your friend’s account, can you tell me where it was registered (your house, their house, or somewhere else)?

04 March 2021

[12:48] Skipper: Hes telling me that it was first registered somewhere else but not his house
[17:18] Althia: so you maintain that this account is your friend’s and not yours? As mentioned previously lying will lead to the denial of your ban appeal
[17:19] Skipper: Yes.
[17:21] Althia: so there’s is no logical link between your discord name (Skipper) and this other account’s name (ClassySkipper)? @ Skipper(edited at 17:24)
[17:29] Skipper: No its my friends discord
[17:29] Skipper: I used his to connect it with mine
[17:29] Skipper: Cant you check where he registered his account?
[17:44] Althia: are you taking me for an idiot? :confused:
[17:44] Althia: like if you want to use an excuse, sure, but make sure that it’s at least a tiny bit believable
[17:54] Althia: so now tell me
[17:54] Althia: why would you used your friend’s discord account instead of using your own?
[18:29] Skipper: Why cant I?
[18:30] Skipper: Iv been using his for a long time soo why cant I use that?
[18:30] Skipper: And if you think im using that then who registered first
[18:31] Skipper: I know its suspicious and Ill tell him to tell you as well if he hasnt already appealed
[19:06] Althia: How would you want him to appeal when this friend of yours is actually yourself? Lol
[19:18] Skipper: You really dont belive me lol
[19:20] Skipper: What do you want me to do. Say that its my second account?
[19:21] Skipper: You said be truthful and I am
[19:21] Skipper: I did have a second account but that was months ago called ‘shoutyman’
[19:21] Skipper: But i havnt made any second accounts since then
[20:21] Althia: @ Skipper so this is the only account you’ve ever had in the server?
[20:29] Skipper: Iv had shoutyman and cowkiller but i was banned and I admitted that it was wrong of me
[20:29] Skipper: Since then Iv only had this account
[20:29] Althia: I see
[20:30] Althia: then what about Mikethekight? @ Skipper(edited at 20:40)
[20:53] Skipper: Im sorry?
[20:53] Althia: it’s not your account?
[20:53] Skipper: Why would that he my account?
[20:54] Althia: that’s really weird because the IPs are matching
[20:54] Althia: along with 5 other accounts
[20:54] Althia: are they all your friends’?
[20:54] Althia: maybe you need me to give you the names?
[20:55] Althia: just to refresh your memory
[20:55] Skipper: Sure why not
[20:55] Skipper: Say it
[20:56] Althia: the eldest one, TheSlayer123, registered almost a year ago, banned for auto farm, auto killing farm, and illegal redstone
[20:56] Althia: then we have CowKiller, registered 11 months ago, already known as your alt account
[20:57] Althia: TheSlayer, no originality really, registered around 6 months ago
[20:59] Althia: ClassySkipper, that was such a lame excuse… registered 2 months ago
[21:00] Skipper: Thats 4 not 5
[21:00] Skipper: Soo
[21:00] Skipper: But well done sherlock
[21:00] Skipper: Give your self a nice pat on the back XD
[21:01] Althia: GavTheSlav, registered 2 months ago
[21:01] Skipper: So you really want a medal
[21:01] Althia: and finally Miketheknight registered today
[21:01] Skipper: Ill post it to ya
[21:02] Althia: are you still denying?
[21:02] Skipper: Na not anymore
[21:02] Skipper: You win
[21:03] Althia: you know what
[21:03] Althia: you win a bigger prize
[21:03] Althia: congratulations
[21:03] Skipper: Wha a ban?
[21:03] Althia: ban appeal denied ;D
[21:03] Skipper: Nice
[21:03] Skipper: GG
[21:03] Skipper: Buuuttt that joke was badd
[21:04] Skipper: My joke was better
[21:04] Skipper: :wink:
[21:04] Skipper: Tosser
[21:04] Althia: right right
[21:04] Skipper: You deserve an oscar
[21:04] Skipper: You should hecome a comedian