Discord ticket: k208 - You've got a lot to explain - Astelon_

15/01/2021 - k208#4445 (now deleted) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: why I banned
Channel ID: 799389909583921224

[03:00] Deleted User: what is the problem?
[03:04] Deleted User: if problem players in fac ,I asked my workers working in the same factory and they came to the server for me.
[03:09] Astelon_: Let’s see, you’ve got at least 8 players that haven’t really done much on the server, all registered in waves, shortly within a few minutes, all from the same network
[03:09] Astelon_: This not counting fox84 and lunalinda
[03:09] Deleted User: yes u are right
[03:09] Deleted User: they come and out for power
[03:09] Astelon_: I know fox84 asked for your account and lunalinda’s to be created
[03:09] Astelon_: Then you have sinsirella on the same ip as you
[03:10] Deleted User: probably yes we have 6 ip in fabrique
[03:10] Astelon_: Then there’s also another player, Bluish, who made a faction just so you get access to a second iron farm
[03:10] Deleted User: I know all of them
[03:11] Astelon_: And on top of that, you have an always running redstone clock hidden under some blocks
[03:11] Deleted User: redstone clocks.* afk?
[03:11] Astelon_: And this is just what I searched since I was made aware of the deal
[03:11] Deleted User: it wasn red stone clock
[03:11] Deleted User: tu can check
[03:11] Deleted User: I think it is legal
[03:12] Deleted User: teveryone doing these flower farms
[03:12] Deleted User: right?
[03:13] Deleted User: I never use redstone clock or illegal afk farm
[03:13] Deleted User: u can check everything
[03:14] Astelon_: Always running

[03:14] Deleted User: it is nt always runing
[03:14] Deleted User: is it illegal?
[03:14] Deleted User: whenI go there Im opening it
[03:14] Deleted User: I put shalter for it
[03:15] Astelon_: It was running when I found it
[03:15] Deleted User: is system runing?
[03:16] Deleted User: is it count redstone clock?
[03:16] Deleted User: system is not runing cos I put shalter on it
[03:17] Deleted User: everyone is using this observer system
[03:17] Astelon_: It is a redstone clock
[03:17] Deleted User: but it is count redstone clock I didnt know sorry
[03:17] Deleted User: i thought red stone clock: afk farm
[03:18] Deleted User: I use this system on my concrete machine
[03:18] Deleted User: and flower farms
[03:18] Deleted User: but I m opening with button shartel when I use it
[03:19] Deleted User: I tried train rail but mobs are getting on it
[03:19] Deleted User: and I changed to this
[03:20] Deleted User: I used it cos I saw some farms using this observer
[03:21] Deleted User: and I didn’t know it was really redstoneclock
[03:21] Deleted User: sorry for that
[03:23] Astelon_: Ok, redstone clock sorted out
[03:23] Astelon_: Sadly for you, that was the simplest issue in the case
[03:23] Astelon_: Let’s go for the next one
[03:23] Astelon_: Asia faction
[03:23] Deleted User: and other topic yes I invited my all friends
[03:24] Deleted User: yeah it is fox84’s daughters account
[03:24] Deleted User: she was on te
[03:24] Deleted User: may be you can remember
[03:25] Astelon_: That’s not the issue here
[03:25] Astelon_: You’ve got an iron farm with 12 villagers in Oceanic
[03:25] Deleted User: yeah
[03:25] Astelon_: Then, you’ve built another one, where you have access, in Asia faction
[03:25] Astelon_: Not only that
[03:26] Astelon_: Asia faction was just that iron farm, nothing more, nothing less
[03:26] Deleted User: yeah right
[03:26] Astelon_: An iron farm that you built, and that if you had claimed, you’d have had to tear down because you already had 12 villagers
[03:26] Deleted User: and it is public
[03:26] Deleted User: yes u are right
[03:27] Astelon_: Creating factions just to circumvent rules isn’t really allowed, you are aware of that, right?
[03:27] Deleted User: I bult this and aquatic’s and oceanic’s
[03:27] Astelon_: That means getting friends to claim a second gfarm, or more nether portals, anything like that
[03:27] Astelon_: Just so you have access to more than what your faction allows
[03:28] Deleted User: I bult in my fac center and planing sell ironic
[03:28] Deleted User: but I cant find any customer u can check trade channel
[03:29] Astelon_: Why did you make a second iron farm?
[03:29] Deleted User: I want my real iron farm at my faction ceter
[03:29] Deleted User: really it is not for more iron
[03:30] Deleted User: tu can check I never use them at same time
[03:30] Deleted User: only I couldn’t break it down. but it really wasn’t for more iron
[03:30] Deleted User: I tried to sell it
[03:31] Deleted User: ironic is first one and it was experience
[03:31] Deleted User: but i never used it for more iron
[03:31] Deleted User: u can check I newer use them same time
[03:32] Astelon_: What did you never use?
[03:32] Deleted User: the first one was not professional and I did better
[03:32] Deleted User: I did better at my faction
[03:32] Deleted User: center
[03:32] Deleted User: oceanic
[03:33] Deleted User: when I built oceanic iron farm I newer use old one for iron
[03:33] Deleted User: I couldn’t break down
[03:33] Deleted User: and still wanto sell
[03:34] Astelon_: Why couldn’t you?
[03:34] Deleted User: cos I didnt need 2 iron farm
[03:34] Deleted User: oceanic one is enough for me
[03:34] Astelon_: I mean this, why couldn’t you do this
[03:35] Deleted User: I worked hard. I tried very hard.
[03:35] Deleted User: it was first
[03:35] Deleted User: I held it to sell
[03:35] Deleted User: but warrior told me u cant get 12 villagers more
[03:36] Deleted User: and I request fox’s daughter
[03:36] Deleted User: for hold while trying to sell it
[03:37] Deleted User: it was really hard work 3 days but it was never for more iron
[03:37] Deleted User: cos I dont need more iron farm
[03:37] Deleted User: example I built aquatics iron farm
[03:38] Deleted User: so I dont need more iron farm
[03:38] Deleted User: just want to sellit but I couldnt
[03:39] Deleted User: if I need more iron farm I can use aquatic’s
[03:39] Deleted User: but if u unbanned me I can demolish all of them
[03:40] Deleted User: if possible Im requesting unban
[03:40] Deleted User: cos I’m really active player and I don’t wanttolose this server
[03:41] Deleted User: and you can be sure that I will not make the same mistakes again. I will heed all your warnings.
[03:41] Deleted User: I’ll be more careful now
[03:43] Astelon_: Hmm, ok, now explain the story with all the 11 accounts on the same network
[03:43] Deleted User: yeah we are working same fac
[03:43] Deleted User: II request all my friends come this server and
[03:43] Deleted User: join
[03:44] Deleted User: cos I really need power,some of them may be same ip cos we are using same work station wit some of them
[03:45] Deleted User: and I told them ‘sometimes come and play in this server’
[03:45] Deleted User: and at home:
[03:46] Deleted User: yes we were 3 players but now we are not at same house
[03:46] Deleted User: fox and linda
[03:46] Deleted User: when I was that their house we were create accounts with grequest
[03:47] Deleted User: now we are not at same house
[03:47] Deleted User: I newer create account for myself
[03:48] Deleted User: I requested people
[03:49] Deleted User: they are completely real people and some of them have premium account
[03:50] Astelon_: When did you ask your friends to join
[03:50] Astelon_: When did they join
[03:50] Astelon_: Where did they join from
[03:51] Deleted User: sometimes. last 2-3 days ago
[03:51] Deleted User: and 1 month ago
[03:51] Deleted User: when I need more power I request it
[03:51] Deleted User: but you are right. Even if they are real people, this is not true as they do not enter the game. Not illegal but not ethical
[03:52] Deleted User: cos they are not playing everyday
[03:52] Deleted User: and some of them I cant contack example arda51 is my neighbour same site
[03:52] Deleted User: but I cant see him
[03:52] Deleted User: he is outdating
[03:53] Deleted User: I asked each of these people one by one
[03:53] Deleted User: yes it wasn’t ethical
[03:54] Deleted User: but I’ll tell them to come in often
[03:54] Deleted User: cos I really like this server
[03:55] Deleted User: some of them as playing in te macroman,arda51,
[03:55] Deleted User: vedat
[03:56] Deleted User: These are what I can remember
[03:56] Deleted User: they joined from Turkey
[03:56] Astelon_: The issue isn’t in the ethics of asking people to help you
[03:56] Deleted User: fox’s daughter is living in Usa but now she is in Turkey
[03:57] Astelon_: I want to know why like this
[03:58] Deleted User: the factory is not open every day due to the pandemic.
[03:58] Deleted User: I said whenever I had the opportunity
[03:59] Deleted User: there is no specific reason for the timing. came to my mind 2 times
came to my mind 2 times
aklıma 2 kez geldi
I came up with 2 times
2 kez geldim
[03:59] Deleted User: and I requested I told who I saw
[04:00] Deleted User: but I never opened the accounts myself. I know it’s strictly forbidden. That would be stupid.
[04:02] Deleted User: some are impossible to be on the same network because I called some of them by phone.
[04:03] Deleted User: We have a large campus and 2 separate branches. so I called 3-4 of them by phone from the other branch and asked.
[04:04] Deleted User: I hope my explanations were enough. With all my heart I can say that I am not a person who breaks the rules. but from now on, you can be sure I will be much more careful.
[04:05] Astelon_: Hmmm
[04:05] Astelon_: I’ll be considering this for a while and investigate more
[04:06] Deleted User: so?
[04:07] Deleted User: keep an eye on me, no problem
[04:08] Deleted User: and I don’t want to be disgraced to my friends in the game. I would be glad if you are unban me.
[04:08] Deleted User: because it’s really dishonorable
[04:09] Deleted User: I don’t want people to see me like that. If it is possible.
[04:10] Astelon_: Eh, I’ve been banned as well
[04:10] Astelon_: It’s not the end of the world as long as you get unbanned
[04:11] Deleted User: yeah I know Im 32 :slight_smile:
[04:14] Deleted User: Is there anything else you would like me to explain?
[04:14] Astelon_: Not for now, thank you
[04:14] Astelon_: I’ll look more into this tomorrow
[04:15] Deleted User: ok
[04:15] Deleted User: thanks
[12:02] Deleted User: No need anymore. Because I did some research. and you’re still obsequious and smarmy ’ As in TE. You said I was using redstone clock,yarked using same of this in him concrete machine,why don’t you ban him? Cos he is donor. and you are obsequious and smarmy. Yarked is loging with different accounts for power,if u look search only 5 minute,you can see but you can’t ban him because you are smarmy. He scammed to everybody but you can’t warn or ban him because you are smarmy. Aftertime using AFK FARM yes they are using AFK FARM in their iron farm with hoppers and chests but You can’t ban them because they are donor and you are smarmy. I decided not to play with such smarmy an obsequious server like you. YES YOU ARE BIG ROTTEN AND SMARMY. Now get out and play with your 12-13 online people in server. Yes always 12-13. Died server
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