Discord ticket: Jessmime - Account sharing - _Althia_

05/02/2021 - Jessmine_Mauri#3152 (698481222543736832) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: get unbanned
Channel ID: 698481222543736832

[20:09] Jessmine: Hello admins… :cry::cry::cry:
[20:12] Jessmine: I’ll give up my in game money to pay for the problem that I did
[20:14] Jessmine: I’ll do anything just to get unbanned :sob:
[20:14] Jessmine: I’m really really really sorry

6 February 2021

[17:13] Althia: @ Jessmine as you know it’s forbidden to share an account, your cousin opened a ticket and I am currently waiting for the in-game name they wish to have. I would highly advise you to change your password, keep in mind that you are responsible for your account, if someone else uses it, you are going to be the one blamed.
[17:14] Jessmine: I understand Maam.

7 February 2021

[02:40] Althia: @ Jessmine the account has been registered, you can now be unbanned. You won’t have a 2nd chance so be careful
[03:20] Althia: warn me when you see this message so I can close your ticket
[07:14] Jessmine: Thank you Maam.
[08:09] BOT Hydra: This channel is now closed, and only visible to staff.