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18/02/2021 - ᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼᲼#0562 (775026051176202251) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket name: So I changed my Username but i can login or register in mythic mc. What do I do?
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[12:13] FoxxY: So I changed my Username but i can login or register in mythic mc. What do I do?
[12:14] FoxxY: my username is DreamIsSoBad
[14:43] Althia: @ FoxxY hello, could you tell me what was your old name and your new one please?
[14:56] FoxxY: My old name was s4m0g0rg0n now my ne name is DreamIsSoBad
[14:57] Althia: Alright
[14:58] Althia: Are you a premium or cracked player?
[15:04] FoxxY: premium
[15:08] Althia: Alright
[15:08] Althia: So your new name isn’t registered in the server yet right?
[15:18] FoxxY: yes
[15:23] Althia: Alright
[15:23] Althia: While I get on pc could you join the server with your new account and disconnect please?
[15:24] FoxxY: sure
[15:25] FoxxY: can i join now?
[15:26] FoxxY: Done
[15:31] FoxxY: Now what?
[15:37] Althia: This is just to verify you are the same person
[15:53] Althia: it seems that you have never registered with any of the accounts you gave me
[15:53] Althia: have you ever played in mythic?
[16:05] FoxxY: yes
[16:05] FoxxY: i have played with the username migo and kiahtke
[16:09] FoxxY:

[16:18] FoxxY: or can i change my name to s4m0g0rg0n will that work?
[16:26] Althia: mmh
[16:26] Althia: migo and kiahtke mmh
[16:26] Althia: migo is already used by another player
[16:26] Althia: it’s impossible you used it
[16:26] FoxxY: no they are my friends
[16:27] FoxxY: they are not my accounts lol
[16:28] Althia: oh
[16:29] Althia: I need the name you registered with
[16:29] Althia: otherwise I won’t be able to do anything for you
[16:29] FoxxY: But the s4m0g0rg0n was registerd
[16:29] Althia: it was never registered, I checked
[16:30] FoxxY: what how
[16:30] Althia: do you know Nathans_diamonds by any chance?
[16:30] FoxxY: nup
[16:30] Althia: mmh I see
[16:31] Althia: what about ImJust_Lonley?
[16:31] FoxxY: ohhh
[16:31] FoxxY: that was the acc
[16:31] FoxxY: that was registered
[16:31] FoxxY: not the s4m0g0rg0n
[16:31] FoxxY: Yes
[16:32] FoxxY: mb mb
[16:32] Althia: alright
[16:34] Althia: could Nathans_diamonds be from your household?
[16:34] Althia: because you share the same IP
[16:34] FoxxY: idk lemme ask
[16:37] FoxxY: Nope
[16:37] FoxxY: we dont know that
[16:38] Althia: that’s really weird
[16:38] Althia: because all IPs match
[16:38] Althia: well
[16:39] FoxxY: So
[16:39] FoxxY: here
[16:39] FoxxY: my friend sended me a pic
[16:39] FoxxY: idk if this is gonna help
[16:39] FoxxY: but here
[16:39] FoxxY:

[16:39] Althia: how is that supposed to help? xD
[16:39] FoxxY: and he said He was there before you even registered on mythic
[16:39] FoxxY: *I
[16:40] Althia: I can give you the order of registration
[16:40] FoxxY: alr
[16:40] Althia: 1st account to be registered: ImJust_Lonley 12/12/2020 (13:12:44 GMT+0)
[16:42] Althia: 2nd account: Nathans_diamonds 12/12/2020 (18:05:53 GMT+0)(edited at 16:43)
[16:42] FoxxY: wait
[16:43] FoxxY: ok
[16:44] Althia: so what do you have to say about this?
[16:44] FoxxY: tbh i really dont know who he or she is
[16:45] Althia: excuses tend to bore me and annoy me
[16:45] Althia: if you don’t decide to tell the truth, instead of an account request this will become a ban appeal
[16:45] Althia: both are fine to me
[16:45] FoxxY: oh cmon
[16:45] FoxxY: im telling the truth
[16:46] Althia: you can just say the truth, I don’t punish you, I make all your account legal, and we can move on
[16:46] Althia: or you keep lying, and I ban you, and we keep this going for a few days, or weeks, up to you
[16:47] Althia: breaking rules happen, we’re lenient when it happens, as long as players say the truth
[16:47] Althia: but once they start lying, we’re stricter
[16:47] Althia: I mean the choice is yours
[16:49] FoxxY: all the names i know is s4m0g0rg0n, ImJust_Lonley, and DreamIsSoBad thats all
[16:49] Althia: wrong answer
[16:49] Althia: a ban appeal it is then
[16:50] FoxxY: wait so you are forcing me that i know that name? just asking
[16:50] Althia: looks like you truly have a bad memory for someone who registered it 2 months ago
[16:51] Althia: you know, what you just did is registering accounts illegally, people never get punishments for these unless they lie
[16:51] Althia: but you also exploited a bug
[16:52] Althia: and lied to a staff member about it
[16:52] FoxxY: rlly?
[16:52] FoxxY: sucks to sucks
[16:52] FoxxY: alr
[16:52] FoxxY: thx for the help
[16:52] Althia: indeed
[16:52] FoxxY: youcan ban if you want
[16:52] FoxxY: its ok
[16:52] FoxxY: i dont even care
[16:52] Althia: next time come up with a better excuse
[16:52] FoxxY: i was just here to waste someones time
[16:52] FoxxY: cause i was bored
[16:53] FoxxY: Good Bye
[16:53] Althia: unfortunately you didn’t even manage to do that lmao
[16:53] Althia: I honestly had nothing better to do today xD
[16:53] FoxxY: can you beat the ender dragon in mythic?
[16:59] Althia: are we done here? @ FoxxY
[16:59] BOT Hydra: This channel is now closed, and only visible to staff.