Discord ticket: Gamerboi01 - Stealing - _Althia_

11/02/2021 - Gamerboi#7172 (764054978494726144) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: ban appeal
Channel ID: 809443452923936878

[20:49] Althia: Hello
[20:49] Althia: Do you know why you are banned?
[20:50] Gamerboi01: Yes, because you all think that I stole things
[20:51] Althia: Are you saying that you did not steal anything?
[20:51] Gamerboi01: Yes
[20:51] Althia: Alright
[20:52] Althia: Then can you explain me why I have 5 people telling me that you stole them?
[20:53] Gamerboi01: My friend and friend’s sister was in my home tomorrow so she was playing mc from my computer
[20:53] Gamerboi01: I think she does this all
[20:55] Althia: Let me get this straight, your friend and his sister were in your house yesterday and they played with your account on mythic?
[20:55] Althia: Was it the first time that it happened?
[20:58] Gamerboi01: Yes
[20:59] Althia: OK
[20:59] Althia: So all items were stolen yesterday? @ Gamerboi01
[21:00] Gamerboi01: I don’t know
[21:01] Gamerboi01: Wait
[21:01] Althia: Anyone else accessed your account?(edited at 21:01)
[21:01] Gamerboi01: I have to go
[21:01] Althia: Sure
[21:01] Althia: Just answer my questions whenever you can
[21:22] Althia: @ Gamerboi01 please answer when you can
[22:24] Gamerboi01: Not from other computers only from my computer my friend’s sister played
[22:49] Althia: @ Gamerboi01 so what you are saying is that only one person accessed your account and it happened only once?
[22:56] Gamerboi01: No
[22:57] Gamerboi01: Only one person accessed my account but I don’t know correctly that it was only once or not
[22:58] Gamerboi01: Because previously when she came she to my house she played Minecraft
[22:58] Gamerboi01: In my computer
[22:58] Althia: alright
[22:58] Althia: so how many times did she play minecraft on MythicMC on your computer?
[22:59] Gamerboi01: I don’t know correctly but I think 4 to 5 times
[23:00] Althia: alright
[23:00] Gamerboi01: So now
[23:00] Althia: have you read rules?
[23:00] Gamerboi01: Not correctly
[23:00] Gamerboi01: I don’t know also
[23:00] Gamerboi01: Where to read
[23:01] Althia: https://rules.mythicmc.org/
[23:01] Althia: please read this and tell me which other rules did you break
[23:01] Gamerboi01: Thank you for rules
[23:01] Althia: no problem
[23:06] Gamerboi01: I only broke 1 rule in misunderstanding (as I don’t know that it is not allowed) that is account sharing
[23:13] Althia: ok
[23:13] Althia: so did you give your password to your friend’s sister?
[23:19] Althia: @ Gamerboi01 also do you have any questions about rules or something you didn’t understand?
[23:20] Gamerboi01: No
[23:21] Gamerboi01: She only played with my computer
[23:21] Gamerboi01: Yes,why resource packs are not allowed
[23:23] Gamerboi01: Accept my friend request so I can see you are online or offline
[23:28] Althia: sorry but no
[23:28] Althia: all resource packs are not forbidden, only some are
[23:29] Althia: for example some allow you to see ores only, we forbid these and some more
[23:29] Gamerboi01: Oh ok
[23:29] Althia: so you were logging in, then let her play on your pc?
[23:30] Gamerboi01: Yes
[23:30] Gamerboi01: Because I don’t know that it was not allowed
[23:30] Althia: got it
[23:31] Althia: so next time that this person wants to play minecraft, request an account for her please
[23:31] Gamerboi01: She don’t have PC
[23:31] Althia: she can play on your pc
[23:32] Althia: just with her own account
[23:32] Gamerboi01: Ok
[23:32] Gamerboi01: So now
[23:33] Gamerboi01: Can I get unban
[23:33] Althia: since your account has been used to steal things, you will have to take the blame
[23:33] Althia: you are responsible for account
[23:34] Althia: and we have an announcement with the rules’ link every hour
[23:34] Althia: impossible to miss
[23:34] Gamerboi01: Nope
[23:34] Gamerboi01: I am unverified
[23:34] Althia: in-game
[23:34] Althia: lol
[23:34] Gamerboi01: Oh
[23:35] Gamerboi01: I didn’t clicked on it
[23:35] Althia: it’s your responsibility too
[23:36] Althia: I’ll give you a 3 day temporary ban for the stolen items and the account sharing(edited at 23:36)
[23:37] Gamerboi01: Sorry for that
[23:37] Althia: this is your first offence, so the punishment is not too harsh, if you break more rules your ban appeal might get denied, and you would therefore have no access to the server
[23:38] Althia: do you understand?
[23:38] Gamerboi01: Yes
[23:38] Gamerboi01: Ok
[23:41] Gamerboi01: And also I don’t know who and why he/she got my account banned as I was a trusted member I build the new roads in baybayin faction
[23:42] Gamerboi01: They didn’t even asked me that it was me or something is wrong
[23:43] Althia: so you don’t think that your account was used to steal stufff?
[23:44] Gamerboi01: Only I get to know that she used my account I didn’t stole anything
[23:44] Gamerboi01: And if this is improper answer than sorry
[23:44] Gamerboi01: Because my english in not so good
[23:46] Althia: so no one ever accused you of stealing?
[23:46] Gamerboi01: Yes, correct
[23:54] Gamerboi01: Means
[23:54] Gamerboi01: They told me that someone is stealing
[23:55] Gamerboi01: But they never accused me that this was from my account or from my side
[23:56] Gamerboi01: Are you listening/online
[23:57] Gamerboi01: That is why I was saying
[23:59] Althia: I’m here, reading
[23:59] Althia: just doing several stuff

12 February 2021

[00:00] Gamerboi01: Oh ok
[15:34] Althia: @ Gamerboi01 do you have any question or may I close this?
[23:36] Gamerboi01: Yes
[23:36] Gamerboi01: I have question
[23:36] Gamerboi01: My question is that can I change my faction in server
[23:36] Gamerboi01: Pls
[23:37] Gamerboi01: And
[23:37] Gamerboi01: Can I change my username in server
[23:41] Althia: @ Gamerboi01 resquest it once you’re unbanned
[23:42] Gamerboi01: What do you mean
[23:47] Althia: you’re temporarily banned for now

14 February 2021

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