Discord ticket: fox84 - Banned with k208 - Astelon_

15/01/2021 - fox84#2033 (313607189371682816) - Times are in GMT +5:30
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Channel ID: 799420911664103465

[05:03] fox84: I have nothing to do with my sister and any of those banned people. Check everything please. And pls I want unban now.
[05:05] fox84: I just request a few months ago account request for them (Linda and k208) because we were living at same home
[05:05] fox84: I have nothing in common with them right now. and I’m not responsible for anything they do.
[08:48] Astelon_: Where do you normally play on the server from?
[12:11] fox84: I’m normally playing from your mother’s bed, bastard. Say hello to kenace’s wife from me. He still here with different name. İdiotta. Now fuck out you son of a bitch
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16 January 2021
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