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Ticket topic: let’s have a talk in tickets -Tqti_
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[18:50] Dhrone123: hi tqti?
[18:53] Tqti_: Hello Dhrone123. We got a recent report that you “scammed” a player that was about to get banned, is that correct?
[18:55] Dhrone123: Hello ma’am l if your talking about me scamming skin. Then before ban I had taken the pro iv unb 3 diamond Armor from him as he was going to get banned permanently I thought so and I gave him 30 diamonds
[18:55] Dhrone123: Yes that is true
[18:56] Althia: ma’am
[18:56] Althia: you will address her as ma’am(edited at 18:57)
[19:01] Tqti_: According to him, you promised to give his armor back after 2 mins but right after that you reported him to me. When he got unbanned and asked for his armor you lied that you’ve lost it due death. Correct?
[19:01] Tqti_: About those 30 diamonds I will have to confirm the exchange
[19:03] Dhrone123: Yeah because I didn’t knew what to do next so I lied saying that because I thought he was permanently banned and now he was unbanned so I got confused. I was planning on contacting a staff regarding this whether I should give his items or not but then I decided not to as I didn’t know what to do
[19:05] Dhrone123: I do know that scamming is not allowed
[19:05] Tqti_: You didn’t give the armor back as you promised because you gave him those 30 diamonds?
[19:06] Dhrone123: Yes I mainly didn’t gave him for that reason
[19:07] Tqti_: When did you give him the 30 diamonds?
[19:08] Dhrone123: Before skin was about to get banned(edited at 19:08)
[19:13] Dhrone123: Ma’am please do not get offended but I took the dia Armor because he was a perm ban evader and I didn’t have idea that he was going to get unbanned. I have never seen a permanently banned players ever being unbanned. I gave him the 30 diamonds so that he would trust me and give me the dia armor.
[19:16] Tqti_: Less than 20 players’s ban appeals have been denied (as I remember), but that’s not an excuse. Currently I’m waiting confirmation from Skin if he agreed to exchange his armor for your 26 diamonds, which I suppose it’s true:

[13:25:00 INFO]: [LoggerPlus] Dhrone123 at -6891 63 -7431 in faction dropped item: {Type: DIAMOND Amount: 26}
[13:25:02 INFO]: [LoggerPlus] Skin at -6893 63 -7433 in faction picked up item: {Type: DIAMOND Amount: 26}

[19:18] Tqti_: Out of curiosity, is this the reason you asked some staff why Skin was unbanned?
[19:21] Dhrone123: I asked that mainly because he was a permanent ban evader . The staff whom i asked this question was you and althia(edited at 19:21)
[21:15] Althia: Just for your information, ban evading a temporary ban or a permanent ban does not matter, the punishment is the same
[21:19] Dhrone123: What do you mean? I know that if a Permanent or temporary ban evader evades again he will get banned. I never ban evaded …

14 March 2021

[00:24] Althia: just reacting to the “he was a permanent ban evader”
[00:31] Dhrone123: I am really sorry but I am unable to understand. I started playing mythic in december.I am not a permanent ban evader or anything.
[00:31] Dhrone123: Neither have I evaded any ban
[00:32] Althia: I’m not talking about your ban
[00:33] Althia: you said that Skin was a permanent ban evader
[00:33] Althia: what I’m explaining you is that there’s no different between a permanent ban evader and a temporary ban evader
[23:30] Tqti_: @ Dhrone123 Where did you place Skin’s armor?
[23:30] Tqti_: He would like to get his armor back and give you the 26 diamonds.
[23:34] Tqti_: I think this might be it, correct?

15 March 2021

[02:39] Dhrone123: Yes ma’am
[02:39] Dhrone123: This is where i had put the armor
[02:42] Dhrone123: Okay he can give me 26 diamonds and take his Armor back
[02:42] Dhrone123: I am really sorry for replying late

16 March 2021

[19:06] Dhrone123: Bump (bring up my post)

17 March 2021

[13:50] Tqti_: @ Dhrone123 Took the armor and placed the 26 diamonds in your /chest.
Letting you know from your total behavior you shouldn’t be given an another chance, but we will give you another one and for your own good don’t make us regret it.
You will be temporary banned for a week for all the mess you’ve done, for this scam attempt, making fun of other players and past behavior.

Let me know when I can close this topic.
[14:21] Dhrone123: Ok you can close this topic.
[14:34] BOT Hydra: This channel is now closed, and only visible to staff.