Discord ticket: Console – trash behaviour, lets talk in discord - Dhrone123

28/12/2020 - Arctic#9781 (348438961292836865) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: name of the staff who banned you – Console ban reason – trash behaviour , lets talk in discord Your in-game name: Dhrone123
Channel ID: 793093545656844329

[18:08] Dhrone123: In-game name: Dhrone123
Discord ID: Arctic#9781
Ban Reason: Trash Talk/Behaviour , lets talk in discord
Plead: Guilty
Date of Ban: 28th December,2020
Reason for pleading: Hello respected sir/madam, 3 hours ago i called someone go die when they said i wanna die, i am sorry for saying that. I did not know the rules very well that i was going to get banned for this and i promise ill look at the rules more now and pay attention.Recently also yesterday i said the n word for no reason on discord and i am really sorry for that, my friends just say it for fun in messages in real life also but i didn’t realize i would get into trouble for saying that word here. I understand its a racial slur and i thereby agree to not say it again. I have reviewed the rules much better now and I promise to not cause such trouble in the near future. I am really sorry for trash talking and saying anything to people , i didn’t realize while i was speaking that it would offend someone. I will never cause such a problem in the near future and i am sorry. I will mind my language more now-onwards when i speak in the chat with someone. Thank you(edited at 18:18)
[18:56] HotLava03: @ Dhrone123 hello dhrone, it’s good you are aware of what you did and I didn’t need to say what you did wrong.
In http://rules.mythicmc.org/ you can find the server rules, so please tell me which rules you broke
[19:29] Dhrone123: 1) Abusing other players is not allowed
2)Asking to become staff member is not allowed
3)Racism or any form of discrimination will not be tolerated
[19:30] Dhrone123: Currently banned for trash talk but these are the rules I have broken. I am really sorry sir
[20:35] HotLava03: @ Dhrone123 please respond once you see this so I can close the ticket

I have temp banned you for 3 days, as this appeal was answered quickly and as punishment for your ban; Remember to always think before you act, as advice for your future

I, or any other staff won’t be so tolerant in a new appeal
[21:07] Dhrone123: So sir you mean that if I make an appeal the day I get banned then I have low chances of getting unbanned?(edited at 21:07)
[21:41] HotLava03: @ Dhrone123 It means that if you get banned again for any of these rules again (or any other if you like) your appeal will be a bit harder to accept
[21:41] HotLava03: So be careful next time
[21:42] HotLava03: When i can archive this, please tell me
[22:34] Dhrone123: Ok then thank you, you can archive this now
[22:52] BOT Hydra: This channel is now closed, and only visible to staff.

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