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09/01/2021 - Bubble#0040 (358651195197227009) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: Someone robbed me at my lottos, I sadly used paper which couldve been remade by anyone and sold at my lottos. Someone took my 600k with doing that way. Happened few days ago
Channel ID: 797428100832034847

[17:04] Bubble_Nugget: I made lottos few days ago
[17:05] Bubble_Nugget: Theyhave 25k 100k etc prizes
[17:05] Bubble_Nugget: But when u get 100k ull get a paper named 100.000$!!!
[17:05] Bubble_Nugget: someone probably got it, then just remade same name papers
[17:05] Bubble_Nugget: And took almost all my money
[17:05] Bubble_Nugget: I wanna know who that is and if he can give back my money
[17:06] Bubble_Nugget: It sure is also my fault to make papers who anyone can also make identically
[17:51] Zorioux: >.>
[17:51] Zorioux: why would you make a paper ? just why ?
[17:52] Zorioux: I will look into it
[17:54] Zorioux: @ Bubble_Nugget coordinates of your lotto ?
[17:55] Bubble_Nugget: DONT ASK me
[17:55] Bubble_Nugget: its at /warp lottos
[17:55] Bubble_Nugget: final floor at /warp sahara(edited at 17:55)
[17:55] Zorioux: aren’t you a TE player ?
[17:55] Bubble_Nugget: YES I am
[17:56] Bubble_Nugget: but i made it in a hurry
[17:56] Bubble_Nugget: i was like ill just make it but then yeah
[17:56] Bubble_Nugget: this happened
[17:56] Zorioux: :fp~2:
[17:59] Zorioux: you didn’t even break the signs >.<
[18:01] Bubble_Nugget: :Xx
[18:02] Zorioux: how many papers was there ?
[18:09] Zorioux: so you added 4 papers as a win for the 10k one
but have all of these loses ?
[18:09] Zorioux: this is a big scam
[18:10] Zorioux: same here, you aded few papers
[18:10] Zorioux:
[18:10] Zorioux: but tons of fish
[18:10] Zorioux: its far from 1/9
[18:12] Astelon_: The key to a safe lottery is to out the reward in a separate dropper, and close the lottery when that hopper is empty
[18:12] Zorioux: its not that, its not enough reward ratio
[18:13] Zorioux: putting 4 papers, but other loses are full stacks
[18:14] Zorioux: people will just keep buying 512 times(and lose rather 8 times per prize), making him rich af
although he have limited buying items, but still over the prizes limit(edited at 18:15)
[18:50] Zorioux: 2 people abused
[18:51] Zorioux: both banned to talk to, and solve their abuse
[18:51] Zorioux: you also banned until I solve this ticket
[18:51] Zorioux: we will have a talk about how you sort out your lottos 4 wins and 512 loses
[18:51] Bubble_Nugget: ya i didnt say it was 1/9
[18:51] Bubble_Nugget: i just said chance to win
[18:52] Bubble_Nugget: thx for solving the issue
[18:53] Zorioux: you MUST declare the chance
[18:53] Bubble_Nugget: OH
[18:53] Bubble_Nugget: lol
[18:53] Bubble_Nugget: i will in the future
[18:53] Bubble_Nugget: im sorry about that
[18:53] Zorioux: if people bought all that you would be making 12,800,000 from the 100k lotto only
[18:53] Bubble_Nugget: i just remember in TE people making ‘‘chance to win’’
[18:53] Bubble_Nugget: So i thought it would be alrighty
[19:03] Bubble_Nugget: basically i put paper because i had many stacks of paper, i didnt have any book and quills, so i decided to use papers because i thought no one will abuse it and get banned lol , they know that staff will ban as soon as they see that someone did a certain thing against the rules and especially if its already reported
[19:04] Bubble_Nugget: so far almost everyone in mythic is friendly and doesnt seem to be breaking rules
[19:04] Bubble_Nugget: but there still are sadly few
[19:09] Zorioux: You too broke the rules by putting few wins and tons of loses
[19:10] Zorioux: Until i solve the others will go back to you
[19:12] Bubble_Nugget: oky doky
[20:30] Zorioux: you have lost around 757,500 money, the money have been taken from abusers, will see what to do and have chat with you later, now excuse me I got projects to do

11 January 2021
[00:27] Bubble_Nugget: ok
[02:48] Zorioux: @ Bubble_Nugget
ok everything is done, your money is back to you, however, the way you handled the situation of lotteries is very irresponsible (despite you being old TE player and you should have done better)

not only that but your lottories doesn’t mention the chance while have STACKS(3 stacks+) of lose chances (and only around 1-5 wins)
again, you are TE player and you know inside you this is totally UNFAIR

I will add tempban to your account for 2 days for this, after that I want you to redo all your lotteries to mention the chance and it must be correct one, so if 1/9, you must have 1 win prize and 8 loses
or multiple 1 and 8 by the amount you want to stack
so 80 trash (10 in each slot) ? then 10 prizes

violating this will get you banned again for scam

if you have any question or anything you would like to say before closing this ticket, you can do
[02:51] Bubble_Nugget: ya
[02:52] Bubble_Nugget: i remember in TE no one said 1/9
[02:52] Bubble_Nugget: Even if they said i needed 15+ tries to get a thing
[02:52] Bubble_Nugget: I sure do remember
[02:53] Bubble_Nugget: Does it really have to mention the chance, lotteries are played at the players own risk, no matter the chance
[02:55] Zorioux: TE forced players to add chances
[02:56] Bubble_Nugget: People still did a lot of “non providing the actual chance” there
[02:56] Bubble_Nugget: but its alright now I kno
[02:56] Bubble_Nugget: know*
[03:11] Zorioux: alright
[03:11] Zorioux: closing this
[03:11] BOT Hydra: This channel is now closed, and only visible to staff.

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