Discord ticket: AdamWhyNot - Illegal client modifications - CONSOLE

13/01/2021 - AdamWhyNot#9702 (687736421758664727) - Times are in GMT +5:30
Ticket title: banned
Channel ID: 798932138866376795

[21:33] Althia: @ AdamWhyNot can you fill this please?
[21:35] AdamWhyNot: i already did but i dont know what is happening, one sec
[21:35] Althia: name of the staff who banned you – ban reason – your in-game name so example Althia – Fly hack – PastelPainter_

Then fill the format:
In-game name:
Discord ID: Ban Reason:
Plead: -Guilty or innocent.
Reason for pleading:
[21:36] AdamWhyNot: In-game name: AdamWhyNot
Discord ID: AdamWhyNot#9702
Ban Reason: illegal client modifications
Plead: innocent
Reason for pleading: hello and sorry to interrupt, i have been banned from MythicMC. I dont usually join but today i wanted to look at old servers i had and it sayed i had “illegal client modifications”, i don’t understand because i dont use hacks, i do use different clients like badlion or lunar client but i dont hack, are thoes clients allowed or not because i didnt know, please unban me.(edited at 21:38)
[21:40] AdamWhyNot: i dont know i think it was the console
[21:42] Althia: I just checked, indeed it was
[21:42] Althia: we will look into this and answer you, it might take a good while so please be patient, thank you in advance ;D
[21:45] AdamWhyNot: ok thank you too

14 January 2021
[18:52] ibu2awesome: @ AdamWhyNot you were banned because of having been detected using nofall and crit hacks in particular
[18:53] ibu2awesome: lunar doesn’t work on mythic, it’s 1.8.9, and badlion yes but it does not have these cheats
[18:53] ibu2awesome: have you read the rules at https://rules.mythicmc.org/(edited at 18:53)
[18:55] ibu2awesome: Which clients and mods have you been using?
[19:41] AdamWhyNot: are you sure?, i normaly use optifine because i have a bad pc, i also use badlion client, lunar, batmod (its a client), LabyMod, i use forge for mods like biomes o plenty or pixelmon i will send screenshot.
[19:41] AdamWhyNot:

[19:43] AdamWhyNot:
[19:44] ibu2awesome: it’s unlikely you were falsely banned
[19:44] ibu2awesome: it’s your responsibility to make sure you only use clients and mods which don’t violate the rules on any server you play on(edited at 19:44)
[19:46] AdamWhyNot: ok thanks for your time
[19:47] ibu2awesome: have you read the rules at https://rules.mythicmc.org/
[19:48] AdamWhyNot: yes
[19:55] ibu2awesome: Have you gone over the part where it says mods which provide advantages are not allowed
[19:55] AdamWhyNot: yes

24 January 2021
[22:31] ibu2awesome: @ AdamWhyNot I’m unbanning you for now, but I hope that you have understood not using any sort of such mods, next time won’t be that easy

30 January 2021
[15:30] BOT Hydra: This channel is now closed, and only visible to staff.

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