Discord ticket: 0ChristianAG - killing pets in faction - PastelPainter_

22/02/2021 - 0ChristianAG#7782 (738785820198305934) - Times are in GMT +5:30
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[19:07] 0ChristianAG: i was killing an animal in faction that i wasnt supposed too and i made two more accounts unban me pls im sorry i will not do it again i miss my friends :sob:
[19:21] 0ChristianAG: pls unban my reall account
[19:21] 0ChristianAG: the ChristianAG one pls
[20:41] PastelPainter_: Copy and fill the format please:
In-game name:
Discord ID:
Ban Reason:
Plead: -Guilty or innocent.
Reason for pleading:
[20:42] PastelPainter_: @ 0ChristianAG
[20:46] 0ChristianAG: in game name: ChristianAG
[20:47] 0ChristianAG: whats a discord id?(edited at 20:51)
[20:47] 0ChristianAG: killing pets in faction(edited at 20:53)
[20:47] 0ChristianAG: Plead Guilty
[20:51] 0ChristianAG: reason for pleading cause i killed pets and disobeyed the rules
[20:52] PastelPainter_: ban reason should be the ban message that is displayed when you’re trying to login with your account into the server
[20:52] 0ChristianAG: oh
[20:53] PastelPainter_: name of the staff who banned you – ban reason – your in-game name so example
_Althia_ – Fly hack – PastelPainter_
[20:54] 0ChristianAG: ChristianAG killing pets in faction banned by pastelpainter
[20:56] 0ChristianAG: sry if im responding slowly cause im playing csgo lol
[20:56] PastelPainter_: please go through all the rules here and tell me which ones did you break https://rules.mythicmc.org/
[21:15] 0ChristianAG: id broken dont kill pets in faction and dont make account if u have one alrady :slight_smile:
[21:20] PastelPainter_: are those the only rules you broke from the list?
[21:20] PastelPainter_: please list all of the accounts you created
[21:22] 0ChristianAG: 0ChristianAG and Rei37 or rei37 :slight_smile:(edited at 21:22)
[21:25] 0ChristianAG: so
[21:25] 0ChristianAG: am i unban now?
[21:26] PastelPainter_: please wait patiently as im not currently completely free to deal with your appeal, i will get to it when i have the time to do so
[21:27] 0ChristianAG: oki
[21:30] 0ChristianAG: um i might have to go to sleep
[21:30] 0ChristianAG: here its 12:00 in the moring
[21:30] 0ChristianAG: so i have to go bye

23 February 2021

[03:31] PastelPainter_: alright, since you have been ban evading since your first ban, twice, im going to temp ban you (ChristianAG account, not any of the others, those are staying banned) for 5 days for creating those two accounts while being banned on your first one. if you break another rule on the server, it won’t be as easy for you to get unbanned again, consider that as a warning. after those 5 days you’re free to get on the server again, but as a note i suggest you to read the server rules again until your tempban is done @ 0ChristianAG
by the way, if we are already at it, when you are unbanned, please follow the instructions in #welcome to get verified and access to the rest of the discord server’s channels
also, please reply to this message so i can know if i can close this ticket or if there is anything else you might need(edited at 03:39)
[15:36] PastelPainter_: @ 0ChristianAG
[15:59] 0ChristianAG: hi
[15:59] 0ChristianAG: im temp ban for 5 days
[15:59] 0ChristianAG: cool!
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