[!] DemiGods Recruitment Page [!]

                      Welcome to the DemiGods Recruitment Page!

\ DemiGods is a Faction that is Based on Modern City Design /

DemiGods is a well-known faction in T.E before, and it was created here and founded by LightofHeaven in February 2020.

These are the qualifications to apply to our faction

Must be 12yrs old above
Follow the server rules
Enable to speak and understand english

Faction Facilities
Apartment (Still in Construction)
Farm (Still in Construction)
Chest room (Still in Construction)
Faction Home (Temporary but going to transfer soon in a proper place)
TrainStation (Still in Construction)
Xp farm (Still in Construction)

(PS: We will gonna update things if these are finished and put in some additional facilities if necessary and pictures also)

Faction Staff


[Helper] ananas20000

Faction Occupation

Redstone Expert

(If you are interested in these occupations you may put it in your application form)

Faction Rules
Follow the server rules ( you may check here ingame by doing /rules )
Do not steal
Do not spam unimportant details or information
Do not grief
Don’t use Hack clients
Don’t use deathtraps that will kill players
And importantly respect everyone

(PS: If you are done reading these you may fill up the application form below)

Application Form

In-game name:
Where do you live:
Do you have given or received a warning and ban before? :
Previous Faction:
How Many hours do you spend playing on this server:
Do you have experience in the faction world?
What occupation do you choose and why?

We will be having our discord soon

(This is will be gonna updated if there are things that have been added or being removed)
And I hope you enjoy our faction and welcome folks!

Faction no longer exists.