Cringe and stuff

Say something cringy, witty or whatever, as long as its funny or unfunny, idc.

Pastel is a short bean.


Eating a Kakarot is beneficial for eye health.

(Goku=Kakarot, Kakarot = Carrot)

Dress up as a furry, dance in a box made of 1 way glass. You can see people but people can’t see you. What you do?

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Hey Vsauce;

Want my feet pic?


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If Vergil is the Alpha and the Omega, does this mean he is dating himself?

mythicmc sucks lmaoo

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Toes are salty, homendirt is dead, I don’t know how to rhyme.

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Brainy Brian the Rainy Brain. :thinking:

4th repost so its more cringe then ever now!

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