CONSOLE - using cheats in attempt to crash server - Soblin

In-game name: Soblin
Discord ID: Suxophone#6535
Ban Reason: using cheats in attempt to crash server
Plead: Guilty or Innocent
Reason for pleading: Well, i dont know what ive just done but i didnt know what happened exactly and why im banned. Ive played in Mythic long time ago. Built a base and griefed. Also got banned after griefing someone’s fac accidentally. I wanted to play here for nostalgia and i invited to a fac. i was wondering to build a new megabase. They gave me plot and else. After i planned my base, ive got banned for the reason. And i dont know why.
Apology: If im doing anything wrong, im sorry i will not do it again. And i will not Ban Appeal if i did anything wrong and i did it conciously.

Before we get into the better part of your appeal, who is Suxophone and Godol? Only 1 account is allowed on the server (although of course this isn’t the biggest rule violation so far).

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idk who Godol is but Suxophone is my alt. I made that alt bcs i just wanted to check my buildings while Soblin is banned. ive once banned for griefing

You realise this alt has existed for months now…
And that it constitutes as ban evasion?
And alts aren’t allowed in the first place?

Have you even read the rules at

I haven’t even gotten to the part where you logged in with a cheat client and tried to use various hacks on the server which don’t even work anymore.

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Yeah ive read it again yesterday. Even the alts is existed for more than 1 year maybe? Yeah im sorry for doing that. Bcz i also realised inviting my alt to my fac and that’s illegal. And uhh what am i supposed to do now

Well, what about the fact you logged in with a cheat client and used hacks like book and bad packets to try and crash the server or duplicate items?

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Well yes i logged in with a hack client. The timeline is, i played on my friend’s server with hack client. After i played, i wanted to reminisce ruins of my building. But i forgot to change version. About the large packets, its true. but im not doing it for crashing or duping. im just doing it for experiment. im copying and pasteing texts to a book. I apologize if its harm the server and wil not do it again

So you say you forgot to change versions while playing on your friend’s server, and then you connected accidentally to mythic and then experimentally decided to try some of these cheats? I thought hacked clients label what a cheat does, it would be pretty apparent what the cheat does when you went to click on it.

yeah indeed. i bound a keybind to some hacks like flight and others. some of them are accidentally activated.

I don’t really believe that you did any of it accidentally.

Is there anything you want to say about if you are going to use the client again? I will consider your appeal when you do.

In any case, if you are unbanned, if you log in with a cheat client again, you will be permanently banned.