Console - Unfair Advantage - KrazyKleb

In-game name: KrazyKleb
Discord ID: krazykleb. (period included)
Ban Reason: Unfair Advantage
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: I have recording proof
Apology: I didn’t hack

(removed video with server IP)

Welcome to mythic ban appeals KrazyKleb

After analysing your video with the staff team, it’s clearly you are using a hack client

Please make sure to read the rules at and tell me what rules have you broken

Please explain to me why we should unban, I don’t understand what kind of proof is that???

Are you taking us for tools?

I’m sorry, but is that Mythicmc or (censored)? Because you might have stumbled your way to the wrong forums for the wrong server. You may want to double check.

Don’t post in ban appeals that don’t directly concern you. Consider this a verbal warn.

Wrong forums, but you can always consider choosing the superior Mythic, where you aren’t banned