In-game name: Olympicvatly
Discord ID: I don’t remember because I lost it.
Ban Reason: =Nature_Buds.
Plead: Guilty or Innocent:Guilty.
Reason for pleading:I got a true friend,JackyWack,who I want to play with.Also I like playing the server.
Apology:Iam Nature_Buds,Wanderable also Olympicvatly,I was under the gun when I got banned in choosing between Evading or Appealing.And now I choose to appeal.The reason why I do that is I want to talk,play with Jacky as a friend like we used to before.After 5 years playing with Jacky,i found him a true friend that i don’t want to lose.We don’t connect to each other via social network or any means of communication except through the server and go to his place.Iam in Hue city,he is in NamDinh,we like far away from each other 580km,i don’t mind the distance but It’s impossible to travel in covid time.The reason why I evaded are
-I remember that when I got banned for using hack with account Nature_Buds,Tqti_ said ‘Don’t appeal’ so I thought I don’t have another chance.
-I got a big competition named Olympic in VietNam like year ago,I finished and time to relax.That when I miss Jacky so I kinnda 'oh let’s get back to server to play with him and I forgot that I got banned.I try to bought a ticket to NamDinh weeks later but It’s not allowed due to covid time.So I created olympicvatly.
I didn’t apply to LemonTrees right away and decided not to say with him that I was Nature_Buds beacause I don’t want to put Jacky in a bad position.All of that is my friendship to JackyWack.Now is for the server.I play League of Legends,Csgo,Minecraft… but Minecraft like stick to me the most,and this 's the only server I play .I see it as the second world Iam upset I enter the server,Iam happy I enter the server,Iam free I enter the server and even Iam busy,I’ll try to finish it as fast as possible and enter it…Getting grow,I don’t even know why I use hack for valuables,it 's just a code.And find out that friendship is all I need.I don’t use hack with account olympicvatly.But the wanderable,I don’t remember using it maybe I did it by mistakes because when I created Wanderable I did’t cleaned all the illegal version yet.In conclusion,I want to apology for me in the past and hope to be given another chance.

`I know I’m breaking the rule by replying to this appeal but it has my name in it so I feel allowed to speak.
Nature_buds has always been a close friend of mine since Te, many things we have did together, many memories, time pass but friendship stays.
He was such a well behaved player but until this day I still don’t know why he decided to hack. I have gone through many feelings after knowing about his permanent ban (Nature_Buds’ ban). Mad, afraid, but mostly depressed and lost.
It’s sad to see one of your closest friend went off to a bad road but it’s even sadder knowing you weren’t there to stop him in time.
You can ask Tqti, Kenace, they know I was begging for his second chance but I was wrong of me making it hard for them.
Mythic or minecraft in general has never been the same without him, now I am here again, begging for a final chance. If Mythic can forgive, I will always be there to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid and if he does, you can ban me too. Thanks for reading this, please consider my words and have a nice day.


Hello @Olympicvatly
I didn’t expect you to attempt to ban appeal after a year, but you said yourself you forgot you were banned so let me remind you why you were banned and not allowed to ban appeal.

Long before, you were caught using xray and mapping mods.
On 22nd March 2020, you were caught using auto tool and auto mining hacks, you were given another chance to be on the server without getting banned.
The day after, on the 23rd March 2020, you were caught using fly hacks and permanently banned by me without allowing you to appeal.

We gave you two chances to be on the server after using hacks and you wasted them, disrespecting our decisions and claiming us as fools.

I don’t see any logical reason to allow you back on the server. And as for your excuse that you have a good friend on the server you don’t want to lose, you should consider that before wasting your chances for personal satisfaction.

Ban appeal denied, and do us the favor to not create us more problems.

@JackyWack I appreciate that you realize you are putting us in a hard position once again and breaking a rule, but when it comes to ban appeals, everything else outside the fact the player broke a rule is not being considered.