Console, Forgettable? Froggers_lol

In-game name: Froggers_lol
Discord ID: Froggers#2186
Ban Reason: Ban evading Foregttable
Plead: Guilty or Innocent I dont understand. Forgettable is my youtube channel name, but I have never had an account with that name. My brother and I share the same computer, and so if its becasue its the same ip as me, then its just his account.
Reason for pleading: I dont get why i ws banned. I did nothing wrong that I am aware off.
Apology:Im so sorry to have casue you guys so much trouble!

Problem #1: If you and your brother are both playing on Mythic, then you need to get approval from Staff first. Otherwise, it looks like it is just one person with 2 accounts, and that is against the rules.

Problem #2: “Froggers_lol” was not the only account that was banned for this reason. There are multiple accounts involved in this. If you want to continue with this appeal, I need you to tell me ALL the accounts that you and your brother have made.

I do not want to sound harsh, but the cards are currently stacked against you. There isn’t much evidence to prove to me that I am dealing with 2 separate people. I only want to hear the truth, and nothing but the truth.

I don’t understand where I went wrong. I gave you the opportunity to try and explain to yourself on this situation. I don’t understand why you never came back with a reply or question and instead did the same old shit all over again

Here’s what I do know:
3878 and 3876 were both banned for too many accounts. Instead of appealing, you decide to ban evade, for almost a year, under

  • forgettable
  • smarty
  • MrQuack
  • my_fruind_bob
  • hiiamasponge
  • Froggers_lol
  • and most recently, MONO_lol

I truly don’t understand what your thought process behind all of this is, but I won’t stand for it.

Your appeal has been denied.
Do not return to MythicMC again.