CONSOLE - Account sharing, again - Und3rline

In-game name: Und3rline
Discord ID: Parrotfish#6540
Ban Reason: Account sharing, again
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: I’m not sure how I broke the account sharing rule; I assume this is related to K4nt_hui13 and him being part of raids. I never used his account after our first ban, everytime he joined factions for raids he did it by himself - he logged into his own account, did the commands etc. Even though I was the one to ask him to do this stuff when needed, we never account shared. I would explain the situation to him and he would decide whether he would do it or not.
Apology: I apologize if this is somehow against the rules. As far as I’m concerned this isn’t illegal, but I’m aware of how I shouldn’t have used him and his account for my personal need. I hope we can sort things out.

In my investigation in yarked’s activities, I’ve noticed some odd behaviour on the k4nt_hui13 account which heavily indicated account sharing, especially given you were already banned for that in the past. Here’s how things will go. I’ll unban your account (Und3rline), your brother’s account (K4nt_hui13) will remain banned. When your brother will want to play again normally on the server, and not come just to do some commands and then time out again or something like that, he can make a player request on the forum, no specific format, just mention this appeal.
Was it that hard to make the appeal on the forum?