Conduit not attacking mob, indestructible block under conduit

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  • Step 1 Craft a conduit or get one conduit from shop
  • Step 2 Build structure to activate conduit, place 1 block below it before activating.
    Expected results: Conduit working as usual after destroying block below it. Hostile mobs attacked.
    Actual results:Hostile mob unaffected by conduit attacks, block under conduit indestructible by pickaxe, but can be moved by piston and then destroyed.
    Which Minecraft server world (if applicable): Faction world.


This sounds like a mc bug and not a server bug.

Conduit – Minecraft Wiki.

When I checked it is not, which is weird…

I doubt the wiki would have a list of mc bugs

could be this:"conduit"

Anyways, I doubt it’s a server bug as I have no idea what’s cause this or if anything even could.

Hmmm yeah its common problem indeed. The current solution for me is to place block on side not under the conduit so u can break it

Well from what i can tell its a bug with mc and not the server then, which is outside of our control

Worst case if your ever not able to remove it by hand, contact me and i can either try to break in gmc or use WE to remove.

I’m going to close this topic now since theres nothing we can do about it.

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