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Got banned by inugami for corny jokes about females, but the audience loved it. Why so serious tho, I keed, Im usually silent but sometimes i join the flow and spice up the chat, its not me its my brandy mostly, dont ask, Im old enough.Take me back, I will behave, if not tell dave and numbs im gonna miss them.
In-game name: I_see_dead_ppl_
Discord ID:
Ban Reason: Stupid reason lol
Plead: Guilty af
Reason for pleading: I love u guys
Apology: Sovvy uwu

Once you decide to take the ban appeal seriously, I will.

The ban is serious, I took it seriously enough by appealing here, but being frowned upon by few corny jokes is a bit too serious, its a game where we have fun, someones fun is griefeing, someones fun is looting, I too would like to have fun, some wierd ways but its still fun tho. Dont get offended by funny words. So please may I get back to my base to have “fun” will keep off the chat, got banned for alt+f4 jokes before, ask around I aint a bad guy. Thank you for ur reply.

Dude before me was joking about “garglin balls” lol, and didnt get banned. Cmon

A silly joke every once in a while is ok. When your entire personality and everything you chat about are said “jokes”, that however becomes a problem. Your “jokes” were out of line, clearly bothered a number of people and you were told countless times to stop. I don’t care whether you’re drunk or whatever is going on in your head when you drop such messages, but they are NOT OK. I’m sorry that the server doesn’t enjoy your jokes, but that’s just how it is. We have rules, and we require common sense to be used, which unfortunately you couldn’t. Just because someone’s “fun” is being a prick to other people, doesn’t mean we should allow them. Read: Rules.

My apologies in advance to _Inugami for hijacking the appeal.

I don’t know if you got rejected by a woman recently or if you joined an incel community but your “jokes” (damn, you people love to always hide under the “joke” umbrella) are clearly targeted and were misogynistic in purpose. You clearly have been acting differently in the past 2 days and were constantly finding something to mock women on and even when several women in this community did not enjoy it you kept going.

I don’t know, when I make a “joke” someone doesn’t enjoy I kind of end up stopping. But clearly something else is going on here.

This is not my appeal but I’d really appreciate it if you took this more seriously as this may be a game but it’s also a community of REAL people. Allow that to make sense for a second.

This is not the first time we see people having this behaviour and our tolerance is very low. Either very quickly cut the attitude or consider yourself out.

Btw Im married, 2 kids, and I love women, all women, its just joking around, dont get offended.

“but the audience loved it.”
I’m sorry? what are you talking about again. Clearly no one did because I had multiple people say something to me after the first “joke”.

I don’t know what you thought you’d get by asking me to ask Inu to go easier on you. Now you’ve also managed to break a ban appeal rule by messaging staff about your ban too.

Were you expecting me to support you?! Sure, I know you and that you also usually do not say this type of stuff, tho I wouldn’t say your history is the cleanest in other ways…

I don’t know where you got the idea that I might/would help, especially since I am apart of the group your discriminating against and the fact that I was there earlier and warned you the first time you did it… and you did it multiple times after?!

I find any form of discrimination absolutely disgusting.
I don’t care whether it’s meant as a joke or not, it’s still disgusting and should never be done.

What are the discriminating words tho, please explain. What was so offensive about my jokes about that time of the month. There were no nasty words or anything repulsive said, it was few childish jokes an ppl laughed about it, as i said before dont get offended by harmless fun.

Bring me back, wont ever type anything in chat anymore, not even help anyone new or anything, wont reply to any PM, will be a ghost from now on. Im not a women hater or abuser of any kind, just an old try hard clown trying to get few smiles on my and other ppls faces. Goodbye and thank you. At this point I dont care. As numbs said I aint cleanest but Im not that dirty also.

I honestly do not see where anyone laughed.

And how does any of the following stuff, when randomly said, without context, sound like anything other than repulsive or discriminatory:

[G▪S]|[I_see_dead_ppl_] must bee a women
[G▪S]|[I_see_dead_ppl_] its those days of the month
[G▪S]|[I_see_dead_ppl_] all women probably
[G▪S]|[I_see_dead_ppl_] pfft women

Answer: it can’t

And don’t think deleting all of your posts will save you now because they’re staying for record purposes.
Can you at least try to be apologetic?

He decided to delete everything and wanted the ban appeal deleted. Assuming he doesn’t care anymore.

Appeal denied.

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