Clarification needed about certain rules

In yesterday report, collecting cranberries, uh, sweet berries, by the help of fox is classified into the group of automatic farm.

So I read through the written rules in forums, and found rules related to automatic farm is only under section regarding to redstone.
There is also doubt about how different they are between collecting eggs from chicken, and collecting berries with help of fox, which both methods using hopper. As of now, I have never heard of people being required to stop collecting egg via hopper, unless what I know is outdated.

Also I hope that you do not mind me for not creating another post or using bot to make this suggestion: Replace the word ‘pigmen’ in the rules with ‘zombified piglins’.


Previously the precedence was cacti farms only and honestly I forgot eggs existed because I don’t think I’ve actually used them in over.

My initial thoughts were the AI of the fox would contribute to lag (as it has a much more complex AI than chickens) and that it’s generally bad for the economy since berries have at least some worth unlike cacti or eggs.

But after some further discussion, the impact of the AI will be minimal, so it’s been determined that it is allowed.

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