C world plot not merging together

In-game name: MaryMiracle
What happened: my plot was acting weird to I cleared the plot but now all four isn’t merging together like normal. As you can see with the wooden slap those four are my plots but they don’t want to become one big plot. Also the messed up path was my old build.
Coordinates (if applicable): plot location 76/63/-1516

Screenshots and evidence:

Not sure why it happened, but i merged your plots manually.

It’s possibly related to the update since it just happened yesterday.

Thank you everything work fine now other than I can’t place a redstone torch because it’s a brush for some reason.

Try using //tool unbind while holding it

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Didn’t work

sorry //tool none instead of unbind, try that.

Didn’t work also but it’s okay. Just close this forum. I’ll bug you in game

Does it say you don’t have permission or runs but doesnt work?

It say this for both //tool none and //tool unbind
Yet it still is a brush

My best guess would be that it was bindable to blocks in a past plugin version and isn’t now…

This was already fixed in-game, but for documentation purposes, I just deleted your WE and FAWE session files.