Buying Mending Leather Armors

anyone have spare mending armor especially Leather legging?

Why though?

just for fun and i want cheap armor with mending

I dont think anyone would want to put mending on leather armor… Seems like a flex or pure stupidity lol

Loot chests. Nobody who knows about this is stupid enough for that lol

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Idk mending leather armor could be found in chests… Never found one lol

They can be, yes. Treasure enchants can generate as chest loots’ enchants.

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1.5 years ago, i see someone sell mending leather chestplate on /ah. i was kinda regret it to not buy it. it was MaryM or someone i forgot who sell that

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Don’t you think buy new armor is just plain better?

idk, im feel like i want a cheap mending armor. i was in mending shortage before, and i want a mending leather armor for a collection too if someone still have it

and now, i want mending golden tools if anyone have it (its from loot chest).

Do you have mending books? I need some, if yes please do tell the price

I have some, 150k each tho