Bug in creative - Everything under y=63 has been replaced with stone

Today I logged in into the creative server and when I went to my plot, I saw everything under y=63 had been replaced with stone blocks. Before everything was empty (no blocks) but some buildings and redstone mechanisms.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  • Go to the creative server.
  • Use /plot home and dig down.
    Expected results: Having everything I had before.
    Actual results: Everything below y=63 has been replaced with stone blocks.
    Which Minecraft server world (if applicable): Creative
    Attachments + Additional notes:
    How it looked before (changes have been made since this picture was taken)

    As you can see, everything was empty and there were structures.

When did this happen?

I don’t know, I did not login into creative world since long ago.

Maybe it was because of the world regen for 1.18…

A few plots were affected by this, but as we only preserve backups for 2 weeks ago it is not possible to restore your old plot trivially.

I will look into pulling it from the 1.16 backup later tomorrow if it is important to you though.

2 weeks is perfect, I didn’t do any big change in that time.

I put a lot of work in my plot and I was planning on adding more features so yeah, it’s important to me.

Thank you very much!

Hello o/

I know you have been very busy updating to 1.18 but when will you be able to fix this?

Thank you

Restored your old plot.

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