Banned for using hack client

In-game name: HormenHorse
Discord ID: hormenhorse_43602
Ban Reason: For using hack client.
Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: I am using hack client after knowing that it is illegal sorry for that.
Apology: sorry, It will not repeat in future.

Hey there, welcome to the ban appeals section.

Thank you for listening to me and actually appealing. You evaded your ban on _TheSerialKiller, but I’ll let it slide assuming you didn’t know you can appeal.

First of all, tell me why you used those hacks. You knew they were illegal, and obviously against the rules. I want to hear an honest explanation.

Second, you also never listened to what anyone said, staff of not. You were told several times to stop spamming the chat, yet you keep sending multiple messages of the same thing every 3 seconds or so.

And last, I want you to go this link: Server and Forums Rules - #3

Read ALL the rules, and tell me what rules you think you broke.

I am sorry _Inugami I was using a hack client named Meteor Client I will never do this again
and the hacks I used are Click tp, Air place, and Flight.

And one more thing I am only re-messaging when no one listen that otherwise I am not intrested in spamming.

The rules I broke are Spamming and using Hack.


Good, thank you for your honesty. I’m really glad you listened, and owned up to your mistakes.

Since what you’ve done was… mostly harmless, I’ve decided to give you a second chance. I hope you understand the rules and the consequences that come with not following them.

There won’t be any third chances though, and I won’t have to see you in the ban appeals again. Welcome back to Mythic.


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