Banned for lying to people


In-game name:KENGUROSAUR
Discord ID: Kengツ#1530
Ban Reason: i tempted people to bring heads in fac pvp so i can kill them
Plead: I wanted to earn stuff and money fast so i thinked that best way is to kill people for stuff, when player sayed that he have head i maked out reason to took it to faction pvp so i can just kill him and get head and all other loot.
Reason for pleading:I like to play , maked good friends on server and I would like to countinue to play.
Apology:Im sorry that i do and i will not lie to people anymore just to get they stuff.

I’ll give you time until tomorrow to actually put some effort into this and make a proper appeal, considering more effort was put into coming up with the lie and then killing MIESZEK99. Don’t make another post, just edit this one.

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Sorry for the delay, had a few busy days.

So, I assume you know the factions world rules. At the very least the most basic ones, no stealing, no killing people (including with traps), no scamming people etc. I need you to tell me, would these rules still make sense if you could just trick people into going to pvp to kill them (or have someone else kill them) and take their stuff? What’s the point of having a rule against stealing from other players when you can just come up with a lie or some other excuse to get someone to bring whatever you want from them and then just get them killed in pvp, right? Or, why bother going through all the hassle of setting up a trap in factions world (which you know is against the rules), when you can just trick people into coming to factions pvp under the pretense that you won’t kill them, or they won’t lose their stuff, or whatever other excuse, and then just kill them anyway, or have some friends do the killing so you look innocent. Do you understand why you were banned?

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Yeah, I understand why im banned, already know what i did and what shouldnt do but what can I do now?

Mind telling me what you did wrong and what you shouldn’t do in the future?

Dont mind ofc. I did wrong that that i lied to guy, I sayed that hes stuff desapered but i just took it.In future i shouldent lie to people and scam them. Only kill people in fac pvp when they now what can happen.Also i sayed about false plug about mob heads

Ok, restored mieszek’s stuff. I hope you understand that if you do something that gets you banned again, you probably won’t be as lucky as now.

Unbanned and closed.

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