Banned for lying and account sharing


In-game name: BurntSteve
Discord ID : A Glass of Water#0528
Ban Reason: Very bad joke and Account sharing
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: I don’t want to get banned yet.
Apology: I had planned a joke with my sister where I would kill myself after learning what “corn with a p at the start” meant. What was going to happen was I would ask what that meant and then when they had told me to not google it I would google it, and then be regretful so much so that I would kill myself. My sister would then long on on my account and write a paragraph about how I had killed myself. Walk around a little bit, and leave. Finally I would come back and act like I had gone to the washroom and then get angry at my sister. I know that it wasn’t a funny joke and I am sorry for doing it. It is true I had just joined yesterday and I was new to the server, so I had not ingrained the rules into my head. I hadn’t meant the joke to offend anyone, I just wanted to get a smile or scare someone. I take full blame for creating the joke, as it was my idea. Once again I know it was not something to joke about, and I am sorry. As for the account sharing I had only let her play just this time for the joke. She hadn’t changed anything or moved anything except the door which was used to exit my house. I swear that this is the only time she had played. Bonus note: NO I do not watch p. I knew what it was but I do not indulge in that kind of content. Also my sister is helping me with punctuation in this apology because I have trouble in writing and english in general.

ill be honest i put more sikap in this writing than my school texts

You can’t appeal temporary bans.
But, decided to reduce your punishment to a temporary ban of 3 days, don’t do this again.