Banned for griefing - Pixel

In-game name: Dzenan2001
Discord ID: #6026
Ban Reason: Massive grief
Plead: Guilty or Innocent: Guilty
Reason for pleading: I have played on this server since 2016, when this was TeamExtreme. I have met so many friends and this server will always bring me so many memories to this day. I still wish that I can play on this server after I have finally left a job irl and when I can finally have enough time to play mc.
Apology: I am really sorry. I have found out that I wasn’t supposed to do this and I really know that I had to tell the truth earlier. Next time, I will “never steal” stuff from the others and I will later buy items or ask others in the future. I promise.

First of all, no one on Mythic has played here since 2016 because we didn’t exist in 2016. We are not TeamExtreme, we are a separate entity.

Now that I got that pet pevee out of the way, it seems that this is just a bad IP. You aren’t name banned and this ban was addressed to Kahra99. I don’t know why you say you’re guilty when you haven’t done anything.

Anyways, the IP ban has been lifted, so you can join.

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