Banned a couple years ago due to TLauncher skin glitch

In-game name: cornflexx
Discord ID: ksoyaro
Ban Reason: Inappropriate skin
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: I got banned years ago for having an inappropriate skin but I had no intention of using it. Tlauncher displayed my skin to be the one of my choice (which wasn’t inappropriate at all), though the skin that other players saw was different. It was a common Tlauncher glitch that has recently been fixed for me.
Apology: I apologize for not being careful with my skin and will take further caution in the future.


Bumping after like 45 mins is absolutely pointless lol

Tlauncher skins can only be seen by players using Tlauncher, the person who owns the actual Minecraft account’s skin will show for all players not using Tlauncher… Anyways, the actual owner has changed their skin… so i’ll just unban you… although if you had actually read the ban message then you could have continued playing years ago…