Ban for using other players item in faction PvP

In-game name: Rishabh9399
Discord ID:
Ban Reason: ban for using other items in faction PvP
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: unban
Apology: I will not break rules and follows rules

First of all, I’ve seen that you evaded for 3 times(tried to create 3 other accounts while still banned on main account). I hope you do realize that while even creating multiple accounts is not allowed, doing it to find a way around your ban is WAY worse. Please do enlighten me, why did you evade your ban while it clearly says under my ban message to appeal on forums? Also explain me if I should really unban you. According to the behaviour you’ve shown until now, I’ve a feeling like I shouldn’t.

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Plzz unban me I should not do this again and never use another account and never breaks rules and also I should never do this again! Please unban plz!

Hello again, first of all I didn’t deny your ban appeal. You didn’t need to open a separate topic to give it a try if you’d be unbanned by other staff. I assure you, you wouldn’t. So do not create separate topics and continue from here.

If we return to our topic, tell me why it was a good idea to evade your ban for TWICE, while appeal link was clearly written under your ban message.

I think you don’t read what I said. I told you

Don’t create separate topics and continue from here. I won’t repeat myself on this one.

On the other hand, I saw you evaded once more with Rishabh9939 account. Every time you evade, you greatly reduce your chances to get unbanned. Stick with the appeal instead of ban evading after you re-read the rules and understand that you’re just making it worse for yourself.

After you are done, tell me why did you choose to grief massive amounts of items in faction world. I won’t ask you why did you ban evade because you seem like you don’t know as well, since you chose to appeal once more instead of replying that question.

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I want to play your server I love it this and please unban because I really want to play it ! And now I have seen and learnt all rules and I never evade and please unban ( Rishabh9399 ) I never breaks rules Now.

Okay, you haven’t evaded yet which is good. But of course, not everything. Be sure that if you ever break any kind of rule again and get banned, it’ll be way harder than this time for you to get unbanned.

Suggesting you to read all rules before joining to server, suffer the consequences if you don’t.