Ban for scamming

In-game name: aaradhya
Discord ID: aaradhya#9995
Ban Reason: scamming people
Plead: innocent
Reason for pleading:i didnt know that if we win in faction pvp we will get his items so moksh asked me for his items back then phantom MC told me that if we win on faction pvp we will get his items and i said moksh to give the items back he was not giving so i messeged astelon and he said that u can ask for items back

Apology: i am really sorry please give me last chance i will be tooooo better than it please accept my aplolgize sorry i will not do this again

pls reply

Ok, let’s begin. There are 3 issues we need to talk about:

  1. You tried to scam a bunch of people by telling them the fake trinket is worth some amount (which you changed when telling various people) but you were making them a good offer by offering to sell it for less. The fake trinket was not worth any of the amounts you gave, in fact, it wasn’t really something people agreed on how much it’s worth. You don’t get to lie to people about the value of items.
  2. You gave moksh his stuff back, then you asked me to get the stuff back to you. I then told you that you can ask him to give you the stuff, and that’s it. What do you do? You lie to him that I will ban him if he doesn’t give you his stuff that you willingly gave back. Not only did you blackmail him, you literally lied to him about what I said.
  3. I told you earlier that you should stop pming other staff, so you decide you should pm several other staff including ibu.

It looks to me that you’re not really willing to follow the rules, so why should I unban you?

1 issue sorry for that i will not do this again
2 issue moksh was crying when i telled him and i said before pvp that if u win my items will get to u only if i win your stuff will be mine
3 issue i will not do this again i didnt readed before pming to ibu , and alll others

i will not repeat this again :slight_smile:

pleASE forgive me

pls reply
i want to unban

pls reply guys

If you keep leaving useless message once per hour, you’re still not going to get unbanned any sooner. In fact, I’ll just deny your appeal if you keep spamming my pms, other staff or this appeal with random useless stuff.

Regarding the blackmailing, what you said makes no sense whatsoever. First you say that you didn’t know you’ll get his stuff, then you say that you told moksh the winner gets the other person’s items. This also doesn’t excuse you blackmailing moksh and lying about what I told you.

i accept i blackmailed him because i needed some money for my shop /ashop
and ii promise i will not do this again

I literally just told you to stop sending useless stuff in pms, but since you’re so keen to listen, I’ll deal with the appeal tomorrow. If you keep bothering me or other staff until I reply to the appeal tomorrow, I’ll deny it.

Hmm, I haven’t heard of you bothering any staff despite me answering two days later, I’m impressed.

Do you understand that you should not scam or blackmail players, and definitely not lie about what staff told you?

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hii My username is Anshu_Op i am banned for land griefing by mistake.
I Was new to the server I was not aware of command my friend told me to do /f claim auto so i was not knowing how to disable it. Than i tried to play with another client So someone report me again.

please make your own appeal by clicking new topic
as well as please read the first post

i realized my mistake , i should not scam people . i have to stay in peace .
i will not do this again .

When you think that you actually would’ve gotten unbanned if you hadn’t evaded. Appeal denied.

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