Ban appeal

In-game name: WRAITH403
Discord ID: WRAITH403®
Ban Reason: My IP is banned from the server due to my friend because yesterday he was bullying or abusing a player name-CandiGirl.he is my neighbour and was using my IP and yesterday we finished our exams so I joined the server yesterday and shockingly I was friend -
SarveshGamers is apologizing for his mistake but not totally because
CandiGirl called him an animal which offended him.i don’t want any fight with my friend,with CandiGirl , even with you.I am a friendly guy with everyone on the server.I am requesting you to unban my ip as soon as possible waiting for your positive response
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading:i really like to play on this server
Apology:i apolozise for his mistake and i will make sure that he will never use my ip address

I already unbanned the ip, you and SarveshGamerzs are different people

He will have to appeal separately