Ban Appeal (Purpledungeon)

In-game name: PurpleDungeon
Discord ID: PurpleDungeon
Ban Reason: Possible Illegal Mods
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading:
The mods I used are “forge” and “forge controller support” I was told by both Candigirl and Maxiusdark that these mods were allowed, Maxiusdark , is in the same home as I, was not using these mods, this was completely unknown to me that these were not allowed. I had no intention with these mods to do anything bad, I have them only for the purpose of using my PS4 controller on my PC. If I need to take these mods off I totally understand, although this ban does affect Maxiusdark as well. I am truly sorry for any inconveniences this has caused. If you know of any controller mod that is allowed in your server I will be happy to use that instead, or I can simply just go default with no mods. Again, I am extremely sorry, I had no idea that this was not allowed.

Seems that 1 of 2 plugins do not like how you are moving with the use of a controller.
Not sure if anti cheat or login plugins check.

Will contact ibu about updating these, In future please do not use a controller as this seems not liked.
-useless kenace