Ban Appeal of vopvjruigh-Using hacked client

(I’m a Korean student. not good at English)
In-game name: vopvjruigh
Discord ID: vopvjruigh#6819
Ban Reason: Illegal client modifications
Plead: Innocent
Reason for pleading: be captivated by the hacked client. actually, it’s 2nd time I banded in server. I was dum about using an illegally hacked client. I swear I’m not gonna use hack anymore and I want to say sorry to BF allox.
Apology: Again, I swear I’m not going to use hacked clients anymore, and I erased the client now. please unban me…

hi this is my allox of what i heard that vopvjruigh seed that day he went to a classe of some sort and mey have left his pc open and his brother in law dawnloded a hack client and played wen he whas not her

or let me give my item and permissions to allox…

Please do not comment in other people’s ban appeals. This is for vopvjruigh themselves to say and confirm.

Welcome to the ban appeals section, I apologize for the long delay in replying. You have been banned before for afk fishing? And you still did not read the rules and adhere to them, and proceeded to get a hack client? Logs point towards evidence that you did indeed use a hacked client, and is not a false positive ban. I don’t wish to hear excuses regarding this as account sharing is not allowed either.

Please. I didn’t installed hacked client. i was in my grandpas house and my brother used my pc. I hate hacked client… also i read rules for many times

Account sharing is not allowed either though, how would your brother know your password and login as you using a hacked client?

I wrote my password between my monitor with post-it. I have habit writing passwords with post it

Edit: Removed Picture. Please do not attempt to share your personal information like this again. - Pixel_Love

This is negligent behaviour and allows anyone to login as you and impersonate you and use cheats and hacks and we have no way of confirming whether or not it was you. Have you read the rules thoroughly? What rules have you broken?

Upon login, you are required to change your password and don’t note it somewhere like this or next time if this happens you may not be unbanned so easily.

I read all rules. and I’ll change the password and don’t write anywhere.
but i gota log in to change my password

I will unban you now, but you will be needed to change your password and not write it down like this. The excuse that someone else logged in as you will not be entertained if you are banned again.

I have changed your password and messaged it to you with information on how to change it.