Ban Appeal [ItsSam]

In-game name: ItsSam
Discord ID: ItsSam#9824
Ban Reason:

Killing mooshrooms and pigs without permission

Plead: Guilty
Reason for pleading: I just want to play again
Apology: Sorry for the mistake, I didn’t know that this conclusion was a ban.
Staff: -Elec

Welcome to ban appeals section.

As for your ban reason, you killed 17 mooshrooms and 3 pigs. Definitely this concludes as a ban if you do this without the authorization of the faction leader and outside of the faction rules. Faction rules cannot contradict with server rules so this concludes that you did something against the server rules. You should’ve read all of the server rules before playing. I hope you won’t repeat your behaviour and again I hope that you re-read the server rules even if you read all of them before this appeal.

If we come to the part you’ve been waiting, due to your appeal being tidy and in the correct format, I’ll choose to trust your apologize and wish you to not waste both of ourselves’s time in ban appeals section next time.

Unbanned and closed.