Ban appeal for piezewieterke, reason, (xray)

In-game name: piezewieterke
Discord ID: piezewieterke#3893
Ban Reason: Xray (srry btw)
Plead: Guilty or Innocent: Guilty
Reason for pleading: cuz i made a lot of friends and im in a good faction,
(Vanguard) they have been very nice to me and i dont want to lose the frienship i had.
Apology: i really wont do it again it was a stupid decision. :frowning:

I’m taking over this appeal from Lexply, so let’s see the damages now…

  • Killing groups of animals, twice…
  • Two separate accounts
  • Xray

You’re actions have been progressively getting worse. Please tell me why I should even bother considering letting you back in.

Im truly sorry, i was new to online servers on minecraft and wasn’t aware there were so much rules in the beginning. Now i’ve read the rules thouroughly and know what can’t be done.
Please consider to lift my ban for one last time, I promise that in the future I won’t break the rules again.

I will humbly await your decision.

Kind regards and thanks for your time!


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You weren’t aware of the rules despite the fact that you were warned about it way back when you killed a group of animals? You weren’t aware of the rules despite the fact that not only did you make a second account but had to pass the tutorial which, mind you, explained some of the rules laid out for the server?

this is alltrue, but i regretit, please just consider letting me back in :face_exhaling:

Hello?? Pixel_love?

I want you to tell me what have you xrayed. I already know it, but I want to hear it from your own mouth.