Ban appeal for Gargarous92 (gargarous)

In-game name: Gargarous92 (gargarous)
Discord ID: Gargarous_Games#9192
Ban Reason: claim greifing
Plead: innocent
Reason for pleading: I didn’t claim greif
Apology: I didn’t and never will claim greif.

Hello Gargarous.
About a year ago you claimed exactly next to another faction 2 chunks. That action is considered as claim griefing. You probably don’t remember since it’s been almost a year (you were banned on 29/5/20).

Either way, you will be unbanned, but I noticed you put Gargarous92 instead of Gargarous (the name you registered with). Do you want to play in-game with Gargarous92 from now on?

Yes I would appreciate that, thank you